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  2. marguerite

    Blurb Templates are not visible anywhere

    Hi, patamystic, and welcome to the forums! I don't publish through Blurb, so I may not be completely accurate about this, but I think the Blurb templates are available via the File menu after you create the new project. So you would choose File > New > Project and define the type of project (novel, screenplay, etc.), by picking the appropriate template. Then you write your book. When you get ready to format the finished file for Blurb as a PDF, you choose File > New > Book with your book project open and access the Blurb templates from there. Best, Marguerite
  3. I just installed Storyist and there are no Blurb templates available to me when creating a new file. All I have available are Blank, Novel, Screenplay, Stage Play. I installed from the Storyist download page, not the apple app store. Where are the Blurb templates?
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  5. Steve

    Editing character name auto-fill?

    Hi EeJ, Welcome to the forums. You can edit the completions list in Storyist for Mac as follows: Navigate to the script and open the File Info inspector. (View > Inspector > File Info). Click the "Edit Completions" button. Select Characters from the popup in the window that appears. Add or delete values as desired. -Steve
  6. I've searched all over and haven't found the answer to this. Is there a way to edit the list of names that appears when typing a character's name in a screenplay? There is one that doesn't appear anywhere in my document, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.
  7. Update - As always seems to happen, you find the answer to a question, right after you find it. I found the answer on another post in the forums. Thanks to the Storyist Staff for posting the youtube video that explained the answer I needed. Since that's out of the way, let's see if I can explain my problem/question where you can understand it. I have a question on how to do something that I believe is possible, but I must not be seeing how to do it. In the screenshot I uploaded (if screenshot does not load, it's simply a screenshot of the Storyist MacOS features portion of website under "Full-Featured Word Processor") it shows a project with a folder inside titled "Manuscripts." Inside that, we see a file "My Manuscript", which the icon looks like a Novel Text File. It has a Dropdown "Book the First" with dropdown for Chapters and further dropdown for sections I am sure. Further down, there is a second and third book, which will have Chapters under that. However, when I create a story, it simply has Chapters and I cannot figure out how to create different "Books" under the Story with their own chapters and sections. Basically, its as though each dropdown is it's own level and the picture shows one additional level that I cannot figure out how to access. Am I just blind? Any help would be appreciated because I would like to have a story with several parts (Books), each with their own chapters and sections. Example: Photo Attached My Manuscript (Story File) Book the First Chapter 1 Sections Book the Second Chapter 1 Sections What I am able to do. My Manuscript (Story File) Chapter 1 Sections Chapter 2 Sections I would like to be able to add an additional level between the Story File and the chapters so I can have multiple "Books"/Part 1,2,3,etc. in the same Story. Hope I didn't bore you.
  8. outflare

    Putting Chapter Title in the Header?

    Thanks Steve. I'll put in a request!
  9. I'd love to be able to add custom fields to Headers (chapter title, scene name, draft version, etc). Hope this is possible!
  10. Ah, I must have missed that bit. Thank you.
  11. Steve

    Putting Chapter Title in the Header?

    Hi Outflare, Unfortunately, there isn't a "running title" field yet This would be a great feature request though. You can set the header for each file though, so one option would be to create a file for each chapter and set the header appropriately. -Steve
  12. Hi Outflare, Welcome to the forums. You can split a section by adding the section separator (the "#" character) on a blank line. This will create a new outline entry, which you can name in the project view. The "Adding Section Breaks" section of My Manuscript in the Novel template has more information. -Steve
  13. Hi again (just posted a few minutes ago)! New question that deserves its own topic: I imported an existing manuscript, and I'm really starting to like the idea of "sections" as a way of bookmarking my complicated novel. However, I thought I could just highlight a section of existing copy, click "Create New Section", and voila! I'd now have a new section out of existing copy. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. When I do the above, a new blank section gets added to the end of my chapter. Help?
  14. Good People, New to Storyist (Scrivener convert) and liking it so far. Less muss and fuss, more write and...write. I do have a question about the Header at the top of the page: Instead of Manuscript Title, I'd like to use my Chapter title above. Is this possible? Please tell me this is possible. Thanks in advance!
  15. Steve

    Greetings from Alba

    Hi Steven, Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the feature requests. There are actually some standard iOS gestures that get you close to what you want. A two-finger single tap on the keyboard (not in the text) followed by a drag moves the cursor. Essentially, this makes the on-screen keyboard a trackpad. A two-finger double tap on the keyboard selects the word at the current cursor location. A two-finger double tap on the keyboard selects the paragraph at the current cursor location. Hope this helps. -Steve
  16. Steve

    Focus Mode

    ­čśÇ -Steve
  17. I can help with that. Please send the file to the support address. -Steve
  18. I simply need someone to open an old .story file and save it in .etc or similar. I will provide the file to whomever would do this for me. Please help! Thanks
  19. Steven

    Word Count - Chapter

    My apologies
  20. Hello´╗┐, I have an old .story file and unfortunately I no longer have the iPad ´╗┐that I used to write it, nor any iOS devices for that matter.o I just found a short story of mine in a old DropBox account and I would love to reclaim it, however I currently only have an Android phone and a Windows PC. Is there anyway I can access and save the file without the Storyist application? If not, could I share the file with someone who would save it in a PC/Android ´╗┐friendly format (e.g. .rtf or similar)? Thanks in advance!´╗┐ PS I will be happy to provide a link to the file. I can't really think of another way of doing this. Help/ Suggestions are really, really appreciated!
  21. Hello, I have an old .story file and unfortunately I no longer have the iPad that I used to write it. I found a short story of mine in a old DropBox account and I would love to look at it however I currently only have an Android phone and a PC. Is there anyway I can view the file? If not, could I share the file with someone who would save it in a PC/Android friendly format? Thanks in advance!
  22. versluis

    Focus Mode

    Do'h - that feature already exists! Here's how to access it: Position the cursor in your manuscript, then choose View - Layout - Draft. The layout that shows the formatting on the current pages is View - Layout - Page Layout. I love that about Storyist: I'm thinking, "wouldn't it be great it...", and oftentimes it turns out what I'd like to see has already been implanted ­čÖé
  23. versluis

    Showing a list of all comments

    Turns out there is: Using the Inspector (that's the panel on the right hand side), there are three little icons at the top. The one on the far right is a list of all comments. From here we can conveniently navigate to any comment, or delete the ones we no longer want so see. Thank you, Steve!
  24. fanobennemsi

    How to get "Page curl" active in mobi eBook?

    fyi: I can confirm that 'page curl' is added by Amazon automatically. I just published a novel there today and when I got it from Amazon directly, I tried it out and see that the 'page curl' is present (without me doing anything).
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