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  3. Hi Micha, Storyist doesn't currently support drop caps. That's a great feature request, though. -Steve
  4. Hi Anthony, You can export a PDF from a Storyist project by selecting the script in the folder view, selecting Share from the more menu, and choosing PDF as the export type. You can't currently do that from a script outside a Storyist project, but that feature is coming later this summer. -Steve
  5. Hi Anysia, I just replied to your email to support. Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of it. Some early versions of Catalina had an issue that caused saved window state to be corrupted, which could cause problems when reopening an app. If you think you might be running into this, hold down the Option key when reopening Storyist. This will cause Storyist to skip the window restoration step. -Steve
  6. Hi Anysia, Could you let me know where in the world you're downloading from? I don't see a problem in the US, but the content is hosted by Amazon, and it's possible that they served an outdated version to you. I can reset the cache if that's the case. Here are a couple of things to check: Make sure that you're opening the correct Storyist.dmg file. If you've downloaded Storyist in the past (say, for example, during the last NaNoWriMo), you may have multiple versions of the file in your Downloads folder. If you have multiple versions of Storyist on your computer and you're opening the app by clicking on a document, make sure you're opening the correct version. -Steve
  7. I was doing fine with the Storyist 4 trial from the Mac store until this morning. Now every time I try to make a new Story Sheet, it crashes. Then it crashes sending the crash report. Reinstalled and now it either just does nothing when I get the "choose a story sheet" dialog (I can click on things, but nothing happens and I can't even get out of the dialog without quitting the program). To make it even MORE frustrating my licensed copy of Storyist 3 is doing the same thing so I'm left without functional writing software (and I was just in the process of switching back from Scrivener). Send a email to support but does anyone have any idea if this is some kind of corrupted file that I can copy over or something?
  8. Still a problem. Storyist 4 download link is to the NaNoWriMo version that expired Dec. 2019.
  9. Hello. I'm still in my 14-day trial period. I opened my 98-page fdx file in Storyist and now my screenplay is 108 pages. I don't have that many hyphenated words, and I've made all the formatting adjustments from the conversion. Any ideas? Thank you!
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  11. Hi, Jude L, and welcome to the forums. Storyist doesn't have a footnoting feature: it's primarily for fiction writers. You could enter author-date citations and run a list of references at the end. Best, Marguerite
  12. Hi, I am new to Storyist and still finding my way around. Can anyone advise if I'm missing how to cite references in my non fiction book? Many thanks, J.
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  14. Hello all, This is he second time I have experienced this problem. With seemingly no provocation Storyist crashes as soon as I begin typing. I restarted my machine and even reset the PRAM to no avail. Any advice?
  15. Hi Barynz, Just enter your Storyist 3 license at the prompt and you'll be all set. -Steve
  16. I downloaded but did not install Storyist 4 BUT havingdeleted the .DRM file and the file loaded into my hidden library. Each time I load Storyist 3, which I have used for several years. I get a pop up box giving me the option to 'Enter Licence Code' - 'Use Demo' or 'Buy Online'. Currently it is telling me I have 12 days left of a Demo I have not loaded onto my computer???? How do I remove this annoying box. I cannot afford to upgrade and wish to continue using my program without this distraction
  17. Did you ever get a reply to this? I would be happy to convert it to .doc or rtf or whatever. Seems it would just be a matter of opening, exporting, and emailing.
  18. Plus one on this, highly frustrating to download a trial and not be allowed to run it because it expired!
  19. Hi - I have been using Celtx for a couple of years. In Celtic I can click file, the click either print or download as PDF. I’m assuming this question has already been asked, but here goes... Can I download a PDF version of my script for emailing purposes in the latest IOS version of Storyist? I seem to be having trouble doing this as the only option I get is to print. I don’t want to move to Ulysses just because of this one little nag.
  20. Sadly... the link seems to be down. I'd love to see the templates!
  21. Hi steve, just to notice that i had the exact same problem as Sanghoon (trial expired, special NaNoWriMo) i first thought there is a wrong link on your website that direct to the wrong trial file from the mac page : https://storyist.com/mac/ But the link you gave https://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg also direct to a version saying that "This special NaNoWriMo trial version expired on December 15, 2019? For now i found a way to not have this problem by downloading the App Store version but i fear you may lost some customers here Sincerely Yann
  22. Hi Sanghoon, It looks like you're running last year's special NaNoWriMo trial version, which expired on December 15th. You can download the regular trial version from https://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg, which will start your trial period when you first launch it. -Steve
  23. I love the comments feature and I use it a lot. I would love to be able to view comments by section or chapter. For example, if I have a section selected, then the list of comments in the inspector would only show the comments in that section. I don't know if this is possible given that Storyist treats the whole manuscript as a single file? One way I have found to see the comments for a specific section is the storyboard. The problem I run into with the storyboard method is that clicking the comment in the storyboard does not jump you to the text in the manuscript.
  24. Hi Steve, No problem, just sent the email.
  25. Hi Brutus, There isn't a feature that limits the width of the text in draft mode. That's a great feature request though. Would you mind sending a quick email to support@storyist.com? -Steve
  26. Two things. As protection, if you drag sections about a lot, ensure that each one ends with # on a line by itself, even if it's the end of a chapter. That clues Storyist in to the idea that you don't want merging (because the # marks the end of the section). I thought the program actually added the # before dragging, but your experience suggests I may be wrong about that. Also (and this is a Mac thing, not a Storyist thing), if you drag a chapter, watch the line that shows you where the program thinks you want to drop it: if it's indented under another chapter, then the Mac assumes you want it made subordinate. If the line is full length, it should end up at the same level as the other chapters. And if it gets in the wrong place, dragging it right above or below where you want it but making sure the line is full length should get it back to the right level. You can then move it into place. Best, Marguerite
  27. I like to use the Draft Layout in fullscreen view to focus on the text remove distractions like page breaks and headings. Is there a way to increase the margins in Draft view? I prefer to not have the text stretch across the entire screen, especially when I connect to a larger screen. As a work around, I used the ruler to increase the margins, but that messed up the formatting when I switched back to Page Layout. Any help/suggestions appreciated!
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