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  2. Thanks Steve, NO- I cannot change anything in the Story Sheets - As I said, i had hoped to change the Font Colour as the current colour won't print. Hope to see it soon. Thanks again, Regards Barynz
  3. Hi Barynz, The styles in the story sheets are fixed. If you're able to temporarily change the font color in a story sheet, you've found a bug. Apologies for the inconvenience. I'll investigate. Changing styles in story sheets is a feature request that's been on the list for quite a while and is something I hope to get to later this year. -Steve
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  5. I thought I had the problem solved BUT NO Within minutes of posting this, I found by deleting "Untitled Plot Point", a brown heading. Changing the colour, then putting my own heading, I could get the desired result. Thought I'd finally solved it. But NO. Even this does not change the Font Colour - after 'Saving' and then coming back into the document, I find it has reverted back to its original colour ???????? Barry
  6. I may have the placed this in 'Troubleshooting' incorrectly, but having spent hours attempting to change the Heading Colour on the Plot Point Sheet, I felt this was possibly the right place. I have version 3.5.2 (12352) I am at a critical point in my 80K word novel and require to print off the Plot Point Sheets. Problem: The Heading (Title) of each sheet is a mucky Brown Code CC9933 - As this will not print on my printer I have attempted to find a way to change this to standard Black Code 0000 Can any body tell me how I can change this. For me at this point of time it is important to have the Titles = Chapter references and Summary of the chapter printed Thank You in Anticipation Barry D Jones
  7. I am wondering if it is possible to allow integrating Storyist with ProWritingAid web service. I found ProWritingAid extremely helpful and would really welcome the idea of both storyist and this service working together.
  8. Over time I discovered that out the slowness wasn't limited to switching between outline mode and text mode. Sometimes Storyist 4 on the Mac simply freezes, often for more than a minute. If I wanted to keep working, I was reduced to a Force Quit of the application since it wasn't responding at all. I limped along for a couple of months in the hope of a new release. Eventually, in the absence of any fix (or even a response to my original post), I settled on the simple solution of reverting to Storyist 3. Problem solved. Regards, Allan
  9. I am not quite sure I understand, but as a long-time Storyist user and beta tester, let me give it a try. I don't indent the first paragraph of a chapter. I can do that because I selected a paragraph, clicked on the Inspector, chose not to indent the first line, then, with the paragraph still selected, chose Create New Style from Current Selection from the Style menu inside the Format menu. That adds a style that I can select as needed. if that doesn't answer your question, please write again. Note that even if you do that, the line will still show up as indented in an e-book. But if you export to RTF and open in Word, it will be flush left. Best, Marguerite
  10. I've written a script with Storyist and loved using it. It really does make things easier. Now, I am writing a novel for the first time using Storyist. I'm having a problem with the format. I create dialogue by starting a new paragraph. That's fine, but I can't get it to stop indenting when I want to go back into the story. I've looked at preferences, and help, and inspector but I can't find out how to avoid indenting when I don't want it to. This may be a dumb question, and I may be overlooking the answer. But if you can help me, I'd really appreciate it.
  11. Me too. It appears to be related to the external monitor I have plugged in. Also using a bluetooth keyboard, if that matters. The cursor does not appear to move using arrow keys, but when text is typed it inserts it into a new location as if it had followed the cursor keys. I was using it this morning in laptop mode fine. 2018 MBP, 15in. MacOS 10.14.5, Storyist 4.0 (12561)
  12. Hi Dan, We corresponded at the support address, but I missed your post here. For others who are interested: There isn't currently a query or synopsis template, but you can create one if you want. To do this: 1. Create a new text file in your current project. 2. Enter the text for the template and style it to taste. [1] 3. Choose File > Save as Template. 4. When the template dialog appears, make sure the "Save as" popup says "Text File Template" and enter a name and category for the template. 5. Click Save. Your template is now available in the template chooser, and you can add it to other projects as well. -Steve [1] One place to look for inspiration is the book Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript from Writer's Digest.
  13. Hi Winterwolf, Welcome to the forums. To remove the page number from the first page: Open the Format inspector (Command + Option + 2) and check the "Different first page header" checkbox in the "Headers & Footers" section. Position the cursor in the header, select the page number, and press the Delete key. I've attached a screenshot in case it helps. In this case, you won't need to change the starting number (the second page will still have the number "2"), but you can do that if you need to by entering a value in the "Start at" field in the "Page Numbers" section. -Steve
  14. Hello, I am trying to find a way to remove the page number on the first page of my screenplay. I've looked at your documentation and I have also watched several videos. It seems in a different version of Storyist, under the "Format" menu, there should be a menu that says "Page." Unfortunately, my version of Storyist does not have a "Page" menu. The only things that show up when I click on the Format menu are Font, Text, and Style. When I go to Page Setup, it's only printer preferences. I am using the latest version of Mac iOS Can you please tell me how to remove the page number from the first page of my screenplay? Also, is there any way to edit how Storyist numbers pages? For instance, I tried starting the page numbers on the second page, but I could not find a way to choose which number I would like to start from...for example: 2 Regardless, I need assistance. Thank you for your time and expertise.
  15. Hi, Neil, I think you misunderstood the manual. As I read it, "You can export text files" is a general statement. It doesn't necessarily mean you can export more than one file with a single click. You can export multiple files from a Storyist project at one time on the Mac, but in iOS you need to send one at a time. That's why the "Send" icon grays out as soon as you select more than one file. Best, Marguerite
  16. I have been a scrivener user for quite long. Having been buying / upgrading both iOS and Mac versions religiously on day one of release. Although the software is nice but lately I've found the plethora of options little overwhelming. What I want is the software to get out of the way so that I can focus on writing more. Moreover the other problem that is becoming more and more apparent for me is the lack of support for iCloud sync. I heard that it is due to the way scrivener project files are created. I am seriously considering moving to Storyist on Mac and iOS as it checks all my writing needs. @Steve wondering if there is any discount for folks who switch from Scrivener to Storyist permanently? BTW noticed from the template title page that the zip code (94087 - If it's yours) is next to mine (94086). thanks, Sachin Walia
  17. I am using an IPAD Pro Despite what that manual says, there is no ability to export multiple text files (story files) at one time or as a single file If I highlight more than one file, the Action button is not visible Any instruction or “trick” to achieve this would be welcome.
  18. I think I may have stumbled on what is triggering the word count issue. When I was writing this morning, the word count was correct, and my word target had reset last night after midnight. So it's back to the proper 1,000 words per day. Before noon, I decided to take my laptop outside to write. My internet connection isn't that great outside, and I am storing my manuscripts using Dropbox. After working a moment outside I noticed the word counts were off again and my daily target was bumped up to 2,000. It seems to me that there is a synching issue going on here. I hope that this can get fixed, because it is important to me that I can take my laptop to appointments, the park or beach and without an internet connection still be able to write.
  19. My word count doesn't match. Up top it says I have 19 words today, but I know that I typed the 271 words shown below. Also the target is off again. My daily target is 1,000 words, not 2,000 words. Please see the screenshot. MacOS 10.14.5 and Storyist v. 4.0.
  20. Understood. Sorry I can't help with that, as I use the iPad version mostly for editing and that not so often. I do almost all my writing on the Mac. Try posting the question again in the iPad section, and probably someone (maybe Steve, the developer) will respond. Good luck! M
  21. When using a bluetooth keyboard, I don't see a way (keyboard shortcut?) to add index cards without having to click on the three dot menu, then click add, then click add card, then select card text type. Seems like a lot of hassle that takes you out of the flow of outlining. Could we get a keyboard shortcut for fast adding of a card? Or can the plus be added to the overall top menu bar along with the color coding options? Maybe allow the extended keyboard row to still show when using a bluetooth keyboard? Not sure but it would make it worlds better.
  22. Has started asking me to confirm my purchase, and locks me out of my pages til I do. This is really annoying.
  23. Marguerite, Thanks for attempting to help me. I’m pretty dense. But I just realized that you were responding to a Storyist for Mac question, when I actually use Storyist for iPad. Probably my error. My questions remain... Thanks again.
  24. Hey, I realize it seems I’m constantly bitching, but Storyist *could* be a writer’s dream... but it’s not. Part of a writer’s goal is to get published, and Storyist falls just short of helping writers achieve their goals. What I mean is, there’s no template specifically for query letters and story synopses. It seems to me it would be a simple thing to include templates formatted specifically for single-spaced queries and synopses. Right now, I have to leap from Storyist to word processing apps, when it would be far more convenient for all those materials to be maintained in my individual Storyist project folders. Make sense?
  25. Storyist 4.0 and MacOS 10.14.4
  26. Hi James, Thanks for the report. Which version of Storyist and macOS are you running? -Steve
  27. The cursor sometimes freezes and ceases to blink. I can use the arrow keys but the cursor stays in the same place, but if I type the text appears where I had used the arrow keys to move the cursor. If I grab and drag the window to resize it, then the cursor work properly again.
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