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  2. Update: was finally able to restore, but it was still the version without all my changes. Also it shows no update versions since May? I have been editing this thing almost every day. Not sure if the connection to iCloud dropped somehow or what to do about it. In any case my edits seem to be irrevocably gone. Please advise on how to prevent this in future or if there is any way to recover the more recent versions
  3. Been making edits on a storyist project I’ve been working on for a long time. Was editing on iPhone, left app (went to home screen, thought sync was confirmed). When I went back to the file all the changes were gone, reverted to an earlier version. I tried to restore a prior version from icloud but the version history page hangs on checking and comes up with no prior versions. Opened file on iPad and saw a prior version but it would not restore. Now it, too, shows no prior versions. Very frustrating! Lost over two hours of copy-edits
  4. Thank you for the response. widows/orphans in Styles was a helpful clue. Overall, we are having a difficult time counting on Storyist to keep it's formatting exactly the same when we output to PDF, and also when we switch to iPad. For those reasons, we are looking for other software.
  5. Hello Storyist Community Does Storyist''s Screenplay pagination comply to the standard one minute screen display format duration?
  6. Hi KKorwal, I'd be happy to investigate. I see you sent an email to the support address, so I'll follow up there. -Steve
  7. I’ve sent this over as a bug report recently, just in case it has slipped through the cracks of the internet, I thought I’d post it here to. In case you have this issue, there is a workaround. When I open Storyist 4.1 on iOS 12 (iPad), no items show up in the sidebar when it was closed. Neither documents nor chapters show up, the list is completely empty. However, when the sidebar is already open by the time Storyist is started, items show up correctly. Storyist remembers the state of the sidebar, so when it’s closed, it’ll open closed upon next start. The workaround is to leave the sidebar open, close Storyist, then open it again. I’ve made a quick video to show the issue: Hope this helps to fix the issue. If you need further details, please let me know.
  8. I’ve been getting into the iPad version of Storyist 4 and was wondering if there’s a way to collapse all chapters at once. When I open my document they’re all open by default, and it makes it slightly cumbersome to collapse each one individually, or scroll to the bottom of the list. I guess the list would look shorter when they’re collapsed. I’ve attached a screenshot if the area I’m referring to. Thank you for any tips!
  9. It's a shame that footnotes still don't exist in the brand new version !
  10. I know this was mentioned in a post three years ago, where processing power was cited as a reason not to include it - but please could you add support for eliminating widows and orphans in screenplays to the iPad version? This is a great app and I can basically do everything I need to, right there in the app – except for having export to .fountain and open in Highland on a laptop/desktop to actually finish a script and create a properly formatted PDF. Thanks so much for considering!
  11. I don't have an answer for the problem, except to say that I'm not encountering it under High Sierra, so it may be an OS issue. I will say that Storyist Support (i.e., Steve Shepard, the developer) is usually very quick to respond, both here and especially via e-mail. So there must be some reason for the delay, although I have no idea what that is. Best, Marguerite
  12. James011, I'm not so sure it's your Dropbox syncing that's causing the problem --- I am having word count discrepancies as well, and I am not using Dropbox, nor syncing of any kind (other than backing up to iCloud). I posted about this last Sunday but have yet to receive any sort of response on it. I really would like to purchase Storyist once NaNoWriMo is over, but the lack of response from Support is disheartening. No one has responded to my email, either (different issue).
  13. I am using the NaNoWriMo trial version for my NaNoNovel this year, and for some reason the Project Total Word Count does not match the total word count I've done so far. Yesterday I hit 17,000 exactly, so I knew that today I wanted to do a sprint and cross the 20k mark, meaning I needed to write 3000 words. The daily word count target showed I had written 3002 words -- but the Project Total Word Count showed only 19939. So I added a few more words, but still the total word count is off. In fact, when I view the Summary, it shows I've actually written 20,111. While I admit I've gone back and deleted a word here or there (usually replacing it and adding a few more), it was certainly not more than a handful, not by a long shot. Certainly not 172 words! I like Storyist and am thinking I may purchase it after NaNo, but that total word count discrepancy has me a bit concerned.
  14. Any word yet? Its been almost a month of having to save after every sentence. I just ran the latest update, and its still crashing.
  15. Hello Mauy If you look under the "Window" menu item on the menu bar there is an item which will open that window for you again. Click on "Welcome to Storyist" that should bring it back for you. Check the "Show this window" button and you should be away. Phil
  16. Quite stupidly opted to close the "Welcome window" that appears when you open Storyist. Now, for the life of me can't find how to turn that feature on again. Please help.
  17. Hello Steve The latest version fixed this. Thanks Phil
  18. Hi, TLC, I don't know exactly, but I have seen the difference. In my case, it's because I have the Mac version set to prevent widows and orphans, and the iPad version doesn't support that (as far as I know). So the page breaks change whenever there is a single line at the end or beginning of a paragraph. You can reset the formatting, in that case, on the Mac by choosing View > Layout > Draft, then View > Layout > Page Layout. That forces the Mac version to respect the widows/orphans setting again. I'm a novelist, and I write mostly on the Mac, so it's not a big issue for me. There may be additional Screenplay issues with formatting that I don't know about, but I'd start with the widows/orphans and perhaps "keep with next paragraph" settings in your styles. You can see them by going to the Format menu, choosing Style, then Edit Current Style. Best, Marguerite
  19. in the didacted 3 page file I attached, it seems the unwanted action is only happening on the 2nd page. Can you tell me why it's different on the iPad from the iMac?
  20. Hello, We are on the latest Storyist on iPad and iMac. We are having a very distressing issue. The iPad opens the same file as desktop (through iCloud), set to the same "US Letter", but the pagination (or page interpretation) is not the same. We have painstakingly formatted correctly on iMac, only to have it be presented incorrectly on iPad. For every page on the desktop, the iPad "page" seems to be exactly one line "smaller", thus pushing the last line of text on page 1 to page 2. But ONLY on the iPad. Every page on the iPad pushes one line of text to the next page. This is rather serious for us because we simply can't have dialogue or lyrics cross pages without the proper formatting ( CHARACTER (CONT'D)). I have included the first 3 pages (didacted) so that you can see the difference when viewing on iPad and iMac. Thank you for your help. Thaddeus & Tracey Corea Draft r26 Test Copy.story
  21. Hello Steve Working in the latest update of Storyist from the App Store. In a new document when I try and select the header to delete everything except page number it does not work. Even tried selecting the header in the project that is the Getting Started document. Same thing. Followed the directions in the manual and nothing. Am I missing something? Phil
  22. Hello Steve I have taken to using the new feature that allows you to have two incidents of the Storyist running side by side. Have to say that this is great for me and the way I work. When I check the open apps after having closed out the second incident of Storyist it is still running. I have to assume that this is the intended behaviour. Was sort of confusing the first time. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Phil
  23. Hi Werewolf, Thank you for the report. Unfortunately, you're encountering a bug in macOS 10.15.0 Catalina. A work-around is in testing and should be available shortly. -Steve
  24. I've sent a ticket to support - along with the error data - just wondering if anyone else is having a crashing issue and might be able to offer some assistance. It's crashing pretty consistently and unfortunately, the autosave isn't fast enough. I swear I've moved to typing a line, clicking on save, typing a line, clicking on save, repeat!
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