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  1. Hi Writeman, Thank you for the kind words and for the post. 1. Pagination - Interesting. That shouldn't be. I'll investigate. Assuming you're using the same font on each device, the culprit is usually the margins or line height. Could you let me know what versions of Storyist and iOS you're running? 2. Editing position - Plain text files don't have a mechanism for storing editing position with the file like RTF or other formats. In order to implement this, the app would either need to store this information outside of the file or include it in the text itself somewhere. TextEdit on Mac does the former, which doesn't work across devices. I think Slugline and Highland do the latter but in incompatible ways. Let me think about this a bit. 3. Projects - Yes, the Mac version doesn't support editing stand-alone text files outside of a Storyist project as the iOS version does. Instead, it creates a new Storyist project and imports the file. This is mostly for historical reasons. The functionality could be added to the Mac version if there is enough interest. 4. Exporting PDF - On Mac, choose File > Print, click the PDF button, and choose to save as PDF. On iOS, you'll need to first import it to a Storyist project and then use the Export function. Adding export support to stand-alone files is on the list for a future release. 5. What's New - The What's New dialog should only show ones (unless you reset the app's user defaults). Are you perhaps running from the .dmg file? If so, copy the app to the Applications folder and run from there. -Steve
  2. Hi Ginger, It's probably easiest to show it in action. I've posted a screencast that shows how to Creating a project from the Novel template Add a PDF book to the project Add your manuscript to the book Add a title page Add a table of contents -Steve
  3. Hi Laker, I'm not sure if I understand the question. When you add a section to a novel, you should see a blank line followed by the section separator character (#"). Is that not what you're seeing? Try this: Create a new project from the Novel template an open the file titled "My Manuscript." Select the last section (the one titled "Getting More Information") and type the Command+Enter shortcut to add a new section. Notice that the manuscript now contains a blank line (the section body) following by the section separator. Kindly let me know what you see when you do this. -Steve
  4. Hi Sarah, Uninstalling the program probably won't help, though you wouldn't have to buy it again if you did. Here are some things to check: Make sure the Preferences > Text Editing > "Enable tab key shortcuts" checkbox is unchecked. (It sounds like you've done this already.) In the file you're editing, make sure the Inspectors > File Info > Shortcuts > "Use application preferences" radio button is selected. Make sure your text file has tab stops set. The easiest way to check this is to open the Format inspector and look at the Tabs area. If you're still not able to use tab stops, please post a screenshot of the Text Editing preferences window and the File Info and Format inspectors. If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look at the file for you. If you'd like me to do that, please send it to the support address. -Steve
  5. Hi Sarah, Welcome to the forums. By default, Storyist uses the tab key to change styles. The default novel template sets a first line indent so you don't need to tab to indent the first line in a paragraph. You can easily turn this off, though. Just open the Text Editing pane in Preferences window and uncheck the "Enable Tab key shortcuts" checkbox. You can turn this setting on and off on a per-file basis too. Open the File Info inspector (View > Inspector > File Info), locate the Shortcuts section, select the "Use the following values" radio button and update the "Enable tab key shortcuts" checkbox to reflect your choice. -Steve
  6. Hi EeJ, Welcome to the forums. You can edit the completions list in Storyist for Mac as follows: Navigate to the script and open the File Info inspector. (View > Inspector > File Info). Click the "Edit Completions" button. Select Characters from the popup in the window that appears. Add or delete values as desired. -Steve
  7. Hi Outflare, Unfortunately, there isn't a "running title" field yet This would be a great feature request though. You can set the header for each file though, so one option would be to create a file for each chapter and set the header appropriately. -Steve
  8. Hi Outflare, Welcome to the forums. You can split a section by adding the section separator (the "#" character) on a blank line. This will create a new outline entry, which you can name in the project view. The "Adding Section Breaks" section of My Manuscript in the Novel template has more information. -Steve
  9. Hi Steven, Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the feature requests. There are actually some standard iOS gestures that get you close to what you want. A two-finger single tap on the keyboard (not in the text) followed by a drag moves the cursor. Essentially, this makes the on-screen keyboard a trackpad. A two-finger double tap on the keyboard selects the word at the current cursor location. A two-finger double tap on the keyboard selects the paragraph at the current cursor location. Hope this helps. -Steve
  10. I can help with that. Please send the file to the support address. -Steve
  11. Hi Todd, The demo is fully functional. There shouldn't be any read-only aspects. Could you let me know a little more about what you're seeing and how to reproduce it? -Steve
  12. Hi Norman, That's a good question, and unfortunately, I don't know the answer. Perhaps the Kindle forums could shed some light? -Steve
  13. Hi Kevion, The "Notebook Entry" template is probably what you're looking for. It's an empty file with basic paragraph styles based on Helvetica. If you want, you can save this as a template named "Blank" as follows: Choose File > New > Text File. Select "Notebook Entry" and click Choose. Choose File > Save as Template. Change the name to "Blank." Click OK. This template will be available in the template file the next time you create a text file. -Steve
  14. Thanks Kevion, That does look like a bug. I'll fix that right away. Shoot me an email at the support address if you'd like to try the beta. As you mentioned above, the workaround is to click the + button in the toolbar and select New Story Sheet. -Steve
  15. Hi Vikaskundu, That's odd. Let me ask you a couple of questions: 1. What version of Storyist are you running? 2. How much free storage space do you have on your device? -Steve
  16. Hi Julia, It's hard to say without more information. Could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing? On possibility that comes to mind is the footer spacing. Perhaps you accidentally pasted some blank lines into the footer field? You can see where the headers and footers are by turning on page guides (View > Layout > Show Page Guides). It might also help to show invisible characters (View > Show Invisible Characters). -Steve
  17. Hi cboal, If you're interested in working with Final Draft files, try this: Create a new document in Final Draft on your computer. Place it in the Dropbox folder that Storyist for iOS is using. The default is /Apps/Storyist. Does the Final Draft document appear in Storyist? If not, does it appear in the Dropbox iOS app? If not, here are some things to check: Make sure you've setup Storyist to store files in Dropbox. You'll find instructions for that here: http://storyist.com/ios/docs/#choosing-a-storage-location Make sure you're signed into Dropbox and that you're using the Dropbox account you expect to sync. People sometimes have more than one Dropbox account. Make sure that Storyist is allowed to access your Dropbox account. Authorization usually occurs when you sign into your Dropbox account. You can check by logging into your Dropbox account, clicking your account icon (top right), choosing Settings, and selecting the Connected Apps tab. Check that you have a network connection, and that it is sending and receiving data. If you're on a cellular network, make sure the Storyist app is allowed to use cellular data. People sometimes turn off cellular data to save network charges. You'll find the setting for that in the Cellular section of the Settings app. Make sure that the Dropbox service is working. Dropbox sometimes has outages. You can check the status at https://status.dropbox.com Make sure you have enough free storage in your account. You can check the storage by logging into your Dropbox account and clicking the account icon. These are the most common issues that prevent Dropbox from syncing. If these don't help, let me know what versions of iOS and Storyist you're running, and we can investigate further. It would also help to know where in the world you're trying to connect from and what you're seeing when you edit a file in Storyist for iOS. -Steve
  18. It looks like the beta KDP previewer can't handle the bookmarks (digital table of contents). Pages and Word don't generate bookmarks for chapters ( ), so it isn't an issue with PDFs created by these apps. I just posted a beta of Storyist for Mac 3.5.2 gives you the option to strip bookmarks on export. It should be available shortly. -Steve
  19. Hi Iudex_Fundyr, Thank you for the email. For those following along, this appears to be an issue with 10.13.1 related to the system locale (in this case, Japan) and the value of the 24-Hour Time checkbox (in this case, unchecked). In certain circumstances, the OS generates an incorrectly-formatted time string, which was causing Storyist to crash. I've posted a beta (3.5.2b2) that works around the bug and ensures that a properly formatted string is saved with the file. If you're running across this bug and want to try the beta, please send an email to the support address. -Steve
  20. Will do. I does look like the paperback service is still in beta, so I'll submit a bug report if I find something. You should at least get a more descriptive error message. -Steve
  21. Hi EMP360, Thanks for the update. I'll try to reproduce your results here. It sounds like you're using the beta for the Publish Your Paperback on KDP feature, not Create Space. Is that correct? -Steve
  22. Hi EMP360, Welcome to the forums. What error messages are you seeing? If you use the Blurb template, Storyist will make sure the PDF has the correct number of pages for the Blurb presses by adding blank pages if necessary. Could KDP be complaining that the PDF has the wrong number of pages for their signatures? If so, you could use Preview to add or remove blank pages to match the KDP specs. You could also use the general template instead. See the tutorial titled Customizing Your Book Design for information (and sample files) about adding your own design elements. -Steve
  23. Hi Iudex_Fundyr, Thank you for posting here! I was just looking at the crash report you sent. Crash reports are anonymous, and I was hoping to ask you some questions. Could you send a quick email to support@storyist.com? -Steve
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