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  1. Hi AuronDeLirom I can help with that. Let me ask you a few questions: 1. What versions of Storyist and iOS are you using? 2. Did you set up Storyist to store your files in iCloud, in Dropbox, or on your iPad-only. See http://storyist.com/ios/docs/#choosing-a-storage-location 3. When you say "reset the iPad," did you mean a. you restarted the iPad by powering it off and then on b. you deleted the app and reinstalled the Storyist app c. you reset the iPad using the "Reset All Settings" or "Erase All Content and Settings" switches in the General pane of the Settings app. Storyist keeps deleted files around for at least 30 days, so if you accidentally deleted the file, you should be able to restore it as follows: Return to the Storyist home screen. Tap Edit. The the Versions (umbrella) icon. Choose Show Deleted items. You'll find more information about the Versions browser here: http://storyist.com/ios/docs/#backing-up-your-work Please note that deleting the Storyist app also removes your Storyist files from the device. If you set up your iPad to store file in iCloud or Dropbox, you can recover them by visiting http://iCloud.com or http://dropbox.com respectively. -Steve
  2. Hi abolt, Glad you're all set! Storyist does keep deleted files around for at least 30 days so if they're accidentally deleted, you can easily restore them. Dropbox also stores old versions, and you can use their website to revert to older versions. You'll find instructions on that here. -Steve
  3. Hi JustMe, It happens in El Capitan 10.11.6 too. I'm working on a fix. Would you like to try the beta when it's available? -Steve
  4. Hi Lawrence, Apologies for the delayed reply. The iOS version doesn't yet support widows and orphan control, which is why a character name can end up at the bottom of a page with the next paragraph (the dialog) on the following page. This feature is on the list for a future release, but I don't have a date for you. The widow and orphan processing takes quite a bit of processing power, and the original iPad Mini and some older phones are a little underpowered for the job. -Steve
  5. Hi JustMe, I do see this issue in macOS Sierra. What version of OS X are you running? -Steve
  6. Hi Mark, The current behavior (triple-click to select a paragraph) is the way the Mac text system works. The reason is probably historical and has to do with the fact that the lexical analysis necessary to recognize sentence boundaries is a little more involved that simply searching for a period. Consider the following sentence: Mr. Smith went 818.5 miles from St. Louis to Washington after planning the trip on www.google.com. Any algorithm would have to understand abbreviations and decimal numbers and URLS and ... And that is just for English. -Steve
  7. Hi Talban, If you close a project in Storyist for Mac, and then edit in in Storyist for Mac, it should still be closed when you relaunch Storyist for Mac. The project should be in the File > Open Recent menu. Try this: Create a new project from the Novel template. Save it in your iCloud Drive/ Storyist folder. Close the project in Storyist for Mac. Quit the app. Open the project in Storyist for iOS. Make some changes in Storyist for iOS and wait for them to sync. Open Storyist for Mac. The project should still be closed (like it was after step 3), but should be listed in your File > Open Recent menu. If this is not what you're seeing, let me know what version of Storyist and OS X you're running, and the steps you're using to cause the problem to appear. -Steve
  8. Hi Sparrow, Welcome to the forums! Glad you found the button. Another way to create a chapter is to type the chapter title in the manuscript and apply the Chapter Title style (if you're using the Novel template) or another heading-level style. -Steve
  9. Hi Zareh, Storyist 3.2.4 was thoroughly tested with Sierra and works great. -Steve
  10. Thanks Shandor. Storyist probably shows up in Kindle searches because it can create Kindle editions. Apple's search ranking is a little opaque, and developers do need to stay on top of it. They don't publish much keyword guidance like Google does. I'm pretty sure the ranking engine change again recently with the introduction of Search Ads on iOS. -Steve
  11. Hi Lawrence, The current version of Storyist 3 for Mac doesn't export PDFs with title pages. The current version of Storyist for iOS does, and the feature is coming to Mac soon. In the meantime, you can use the Preview app to do this. Just open the PDF of your script in Preview, drag the title page PDF to the outline, and save. -Steve
  12. Hi Pip, Thanks for the tip. Yes, the shortcut documentation is a little out of date. I'll fix that. On a Macbook: Fn + Left Arrow will get you to the start of the document. This is the equivalent of the Home key. Fn + Right Arrow will get you to the start of the document. This is the equivalent of the End key. It looks like there is a bug in the OS X text system when you're in page mode where Home and End don't get you all the way there. I've just implemented a work-around for the next beta. You're welcome to use that if you want. (Home and End work as expected in Draft mode). -Steve
  13. Steve


    Hi Jeremy, There isn't a mechanism to change the icons. That would be a good feature request though. -Steve
  14. Hi James, It looks like you've found a bug! Thanks so much for reporting it here. There is a simple workaround you can use: Make sure there is more text in the body of the document than there is in the header. If you add a short paragraph to an empty document, you should be all set. I'll fix this for you right away. -Steve
  15. Hi James, It looks like your zoom factor puts the width of the page just a little bit off from the width of the view. If the horizontal scrolling bugs you, you can do one of the following: Pinch on the trackpad to zoom in a little. Switch to draft mode (View > Layout > Draft) -Steve
  16. Hi James, Hmmm. I can see that too on 3.2.4 / El Capitain 10.11.5. I'll investigate. What version of OS X are you running? -Steve
  17. Hi Anthony, It looks like Storyist is displaying the internal representation of the work rather than the formatted version. Are you using Storyist 2? If so, what version of OS X are you running? The work is still there, and I'd be happy to take a look at the project for you. If you'd like me to do that, please send it to me at support@storyist.com. -Steve
  18. Hi Joe, Ok, so it sounds like everything is set up, but that the changes you make to at least one file in Scrivener on Windows aren't immediately synced from your PC to the cloud. Let's try this: Create a new file in Scrivener and save it to the iCloud/Storyist folder. Does that file appear in Storyist for iOS? If not, does it appear in the iCloud Drive app on your iPad? If the new file does appear, we should probably look at the file that is not syncing. What changes did you make to the file in Scrivener? One thing that might help in understanding what is going on: Neither Storyist nor Scrivener actually sync the files. They just write a file to a location on the local device, and iOS or the iCloud driver on PC does the rest. Similarly, they just read a file from a location on the local device. -Steve
  19. Hi Stellar, You can use the speech recognition built in to iOS to do this. Here's how: Open a text file in Storyist for iOS. Position the cursor where you want to add text. Tap the microphone icon in the soft keyboard. Start dictating. -Steve
  20. Hi Folks, Storyist 3.2.4 for Mac is available for download. This release contains a couple of bug fixes and stability enhancements. Specifically: Storyist no longer crashes when a "point" comment is placed at the end of a file. The Sparkle software updater includes a patch for a recently-discovered security flaw. Bold, italics, and underlining are now preserved when applying a style. Imported RTF files no longer have two default style definitions in cases where the imported RTF file contains tables. Outlining is now off by default for the title page templates. Files now appear immediately when dragged to a folder view. Previously, dragged files would appear in the project view, but would not appear immediately in the folder view in certain circumstances. Storyist no longer crashes after importing .eps files that don't have any metadata. Fixed a bug preventing Scrivener files from opening if the project contains a PDF that has "children." Fixed a bug preventing Scrivener files from opening if images in the project were missing file extensions. -Steve
  21. Hi Joe, I saw your post in the Mac section. Let me ask you a few questions about the steps you took. 1. "I put a pre-existing Scrivener project in the Storyist folder on my iCloud drive." Did you put the file in the Storyist folder in the iCloud Drive folder on your PC or upload it to the Storyist folder at iCloud.com? 2. "I did some work on the Windows laptop, closed Scrivener, opened the project in Storyist - didn't sync." Is the file you edited in Scrivener stored in the Storyist folder in the iCloud Drive folder on your PC? 3. "If I go to the Scrivener project in the iCloud folder and open it there, I see the work, so it did make it from the Windows box to the iCloud folder." This where I'm not sure that I follow. It sounds like the iCloud folder you're talking about is not the one on your PC. Note that the file needs to be in the Storyist folder in your iCloud Drive folder for Storyist for iOS to see it. -Steve
  22. Hi Stellar, You're correct. RTF does support the index card metadata. As Marguerite points out, this information is for notes about the text, not the text itself. To use the index card feature, just import the RTF file into a Storyist project and you'll be all set. -Steve
  23. Hi KJ, Sure. The steps in Storyist for iOS are: Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to export. Tap Edit. Tap the file you want to export. Tap the Export button. Choose Email Document. Choose RTF in the format chooser that appears. The mail composer appears with the RTF file attached. Send the email. -Steve
  24. Hi Joe, No worries. What turned out to be the issue? -Steve
  25. Hi Eclipse and tzkiki32, Thanks for the request and for the kind words. Unfortunatley, Windows and Android versions would each be multi-year projects, and I currently have my hands full with the Mac and iOS versions. -Steve
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