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  1. You can uncross your fingers now. Thanks for being patient Calli (and others). As mentioned in the feature request topic, as of version 1.5, you can now specify word count and writing time goals on a per-project and per-session basis and track them via a new tab in the Inspector panel. Specifically, you can track word count, remaining word count, elapsed time and remaining time. The Inspector provides a session timer so you can setup and track writing sprints (popular with NaNoWriMo participants) and you can set an alarm to let you know when you've reached your goal. There is more I want to do here, but this should get you started. -Steve
  2. As of version 1.5, you can now specify word count and writing time goals on a per-project and per-session basis and track them via a new tab in the Inspector panel. Specifically, you can track word count, remaining word count, elapsed time and remaining time. The Inspector provides a session timer so you can setup and track writing sprints (popular with NaNoWriMo participants) and you can set an alarm to let you know when you've reached your goal. There is more I want to do here, but this should get you started -Steve
  3. Steve

    Who is in?

    It is that time of year again. The leaves are turning. The nights are getting colder. Ready to put the chores on hold for a month and get some words on the page? I'm in. Are you? -Steve
  4. Hi Jason, Shoot! I received and replied to your emails and sent a copy of your license to both your Yahoo address and the other one you used when you sent email to support. They must be sitting in your spam folder. Yahoo is notorious for falsely flagging legitimate email as spam, but I'm surprised the other mail didn't reach your inbox. I'll resend again right away. If you don't receive them, let me know and we'll work something else out. -Steve
  5. Steve


    I've been following this spec for a while now. It does (finally) seem to be gaining support, and it is certainly worth writing an importer/exporter for. I did also look at OCF for the story container, and might adopt that for the container format in the future. -Steve
  6. Steve

    Photo Album?

    Hi esimm, Thanks for the request. I agree that it would be useful to be able to have a collage of photos on screen while you write. You'd probably want it to be integrated with iPhoto so that you could manage your photo collection externally too. -Steve
  7. Hi JellyDreamas, You can search the site by clicking on the "Search" at the top right. Regarding your second question: According to Wikipedia the program you are seeking, "...is a Windows program that posts forum spam with the aim of boosting search engine rankings. It has been claimed that the program is able to bypass techniques commonly used by many websites to deter automated spam, such as account registration, CAPTCHAs, and e-mail activation before posting. The program makes heavy use of a database of known open proxies in an attempt to make it more difficult for administrators to block posts." I'm certainly not interested in posting a link to it on this forum. As you can see, I've removed the name of the program. Please do not repost. -Steve
  8. Hi Adam, Welcome to the forum! There isn't currently a way to do this, though you can keep the section sheet from appearing when you click on an index card by choosing Selection > Affects Storyboard Only from the action (gear) menu at the bottom of the storyboard. -steve
  9. Words you have added to the spelling dictionary are in ~/Library/Spelling/en (if you are an English speaker). It is a simple array of C (null-terminated) strings. -Steve
  10. Hi Folks, I'll the the guest on John Iasiuolo's Computer Outlook radio program tonight (9/9/08) from 5:00 - 6:00 PST and will be talking about Storyist, writing, and technology. You can listen to the show live on the internet by visiting the site and clicking on the link in the "Daily Shows" section and afterwards by visiting the archives. -Steve
  11. Storyist 1.4.1 is now available for download. What's New in this Version (1.4.1): Storyist 1.4.1 addresses several stability and usability issues. Specifically: Projects created from Final Draft FCF files now have the same margin and completion defaults as projects created from the built-in Screenplay template. Paragraphs that are located at the end of a document and are assigned a style with "keep with next paragraph" set are no longer automatically moved to the next page. Name fields in character and setting sheets are now displayed correctly, even if the field is in the process of being edited in the storyboard. Previously, if you edited a name field in the Polaroid on the storyboard, did not commit the changes, and then edited the field in the corresponding sheet, the sheet would not display correctly. Project pane selections are now restored when you perform an undo command after adding, deleting, or reordering items. Customizations made to the outline columns in the Storyboard (using the configuration ">>" button) now persist when the document is reopened. Fields added to story sheets are now immediately available as columns in the outline view of the storyboard. Previously, they would not be available until the project was reopened. Executing an undo command after deleting a notebook entry with unsaved changes now properly restores the changes. Previously, the command would restore the entry as it appeared the last time it was saved to disk. Executing an undo command after adding a notebook entry to a project no longer causes the "Add to Project" prompt to appear for the deleted item when the document is reopened. Separate notebook entries no longer point to the same content after a certain combination of commands. In version 1.4 (but not 1.3.8 or earlier), a certain combination of adding notebook entries, adding images to the entries, and undo commands caused two entries to contain the same information. -Steve
  12. Hi Captain, Are you interested in adding local definitions to the Dictionary application (for Look Up in Dictionary) or adding to a local spelling dictionary so that the spell checker won't flag words as misspelled? -Steve
  13. Steve


    Happy Birthday Calli! -Steve
  14. I did some work on this for 1.4 and haven't seen it on a MacBook Pro or a Mac Pro on either Tiger or Leopard. I'll take another look, though, and see what I can find. Can you post your current configuration (hardware and software) and any tips on making it happen repeatably? Also, are there any messages related to Storyist in your console? -Steve
  15. As of 1.4, you can color code index cards. -Steve
  16. Done. Available in 1.4 and later. -Steve
  17. Version 1.4 provides a plugin API for individual files (and I've finally provided some more detail on the open standards used in the file format). OSA (scripting bridge) support is on deck. -Steve
  18. As of 1.4, lonesome no more. -Steve
  19. Supported in 1.4 and later. I tried to phrase it better, but the best I could do was "avoid widow and orphan lines." Apologies to both widows and orphans. -Steve
  20. And now something to check off the list list of to-dos. Storyist 1.4 adds a new Tools menu that provides commands to make typography changes like curlystraight quote conversion, italicsunderline, and mdashellipsis. Better yet, the new plugin APIs allow developers to add commands to the menu, so this kind of thing should be easier to implement in the future. Isaac, for instance, could provide his Smurfifier as a plugin. -Steve
  21. Storyist 1.4 and later can export .odt files (on Leopard), so this help with the workflow. Note that like other OS X converters, the Open Office converter doesn't import/export style sheets (RTF does, though). -Steve
  22. This is now available in 1.4 (Leopard only). Give it a spin. Note that like other OS X converters, the docx converter doesn't import/export style sheets. -Steve
  23. Something tells me you can read my mind (or at least the beta list). Implemented in version 1.4 and later. -Steve
  24. Done. You can add images to Notebook entries in version 1.4 and later. -Steve
  25. I'm delighted to announce that Storyist 1.4 is now available for download. Storyist 1.4 incorporates many user-requested features, including a new formatting inspector window, the ability to read and write additional formats, enhancements to import and export functions, and new text tools. Highlights of the release include: The Inspector: A new floating Inspector window offers quick access to text, style, and document formatting properties. (for Thoyd) New File Formats: Storyist now provides converters for the Microsoft Word .docx (for Thoth) and Open Office .odt file formats (Leopard only, for nadinbrezezinski) and the Final Draft .fcf format, in addition to the previously supported RTF, HTML, DOC, and Text Only formats. Text Processing Tools: New text processing tools help automate tedious search and replace operations like converting to and from smart quotes, changing italics to underlining and back, and reformatting text. (for Marguerite) Automator Support: The import and export assistants as well as the new text processing tools are now integrated with Apple’s Automator technology. Writers can use the Storyist text tools in Automator workflows, and use Automator to create workflows for use in Storyist. Enhanced RTF Converter: The RTF converter now imports and exports headers, footers, margins, date fields, keep with next, and widow and orphan control settings, and offers improved Unicode support for compatibility with other programs. Word Processing Enhancements: The word processor now supports widow and orphan control (for Thoth and Marguerite) and can import style sheets from other documents. Developer API: Based on Apple’s Automator Action API, the new plug-in API allows developers to extend the Tools menu and provide additional format converters and workflow components. (for Isaac) Other enhancements include: The ability to add images to notebook entries. (for Barnbarroch) The ability to color code of index cards (numerous requests). Wider margins in Normal view mode. (for bodsham) Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and suggestions. -Steve
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