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  1. Hi Stefano, To create bulleted lists: Position the cursor in the text where you want the list to appear. Choose Format > Text > List. Set the list options. Click OK. -Steve
  2. Hi Courtney, Thanks for the request. There isn't currently a way to simply highlight a span of text, but there could be if there is enough interest. In the meantime, you may want to check out the new comment inspector in version 3.2. With the comment inspector, you can Select a span of text and attach at comment using Edit > Insert > Comment. When you do this, the range of text is highlighted with a yellow background. See the list of comments in the document in list form. Search the comments for specific text. Navigate to the commented text by clicking on the comment. -Steve
  3. Hi Debs, If it's just freezing for a moment, it could be that something else running on your machine is using a lot of computer time. This might happen, for example, when OS X rebuilds the search index after an update. What version of OS X are you running? Also, how large is your project? -Steve
  4. Hi Octfull, Thanks for the report. Nothing relating to the Korean support changed between 3.0.2 and 3.1. Are you running iOS 8 or iOS 9? Let me know, and I'll take a look. -Steve
  5. Hi trdumas, Your first method (inserting a page number field) is the correct way to autonumber the pages. On the numbering: It sounds like when you checked "Different first page header" you also changed the Page Numbering settings from "Use default value" to "Start at 2." To simply omit the first page numbering: Leave the Page Numbering setting at "Use default value" or change it to "Start at 1." Check the "Different first page header" checkbox. Delete the page number from the first page. -Steve
  6. Hi Maury, As of version 3.1, Storyist for iOS can edit Scrivener files directly in the same way it can edit Final Draft, Fountain, RTF, and Plain Text files directly. If you're already using Storyist for Mac and Storyist for iOS, you'll want to continue using that setup. Scrivener files don’t support outlining within a text file, so you won’t see file outlines or index cards in the project view in Scrivener projects like you will with Storyist projects. There are some other limitations too. I've put together a how-to with information about setup, best practices, and limitations in Editing Scrivener Files with Storyist for iOS. If you're on a PC or have a workflow that requries Scrivener for Mac, you might be interested in Storyist for iOS because it allows you to edit your Scrivener files on your iPad or iPhone. And if you are on a Mac and have Scrivener, but haven't yet tried Storyist for Mac, get your toes wet with your current project with the iOS version and then check out Storyist 3 for Scrivener Users before you start your next project. -Steve
  7. Note: I've move the Can you create Kindle editions in Storyist for iOS? so that it's easier to find. -Steve
  8. Hi Nathan, My comment above was about the iOS version. The iOS version does not create Kindle editions or ePub editions. The Mac version does create both Kindle editions and ePub editions, and you'll find a somewhat old (but still relevant) screencast here. -Steve
  9. Hi Stefano, Welcome to the forums. The format inspector appears when you select a text file (not a folder). See the attached screenshot. To set up your template: Edit the text styles to reflect your formatting preferences. Save the text file as a template using the File > Save as Template command. That way, the settings will be as you like them the next time you create a text file. From your current template, it looks like you're trying to organize your manuscript into separate text files. Most Storyist users keep their chapters and sections in a single text file and use a heading-level style (like Chapter Title) to mark the chapter boundaries. Here is a screenshot. (See the Novel project template for details.) If you do want to keep your chapters in separate files, you'll want to use text files instead of folders. See the below: There is a downside to doing it this way, and that is that while you can assemble the separate files into an ePub or Kindle edition, you can't currently assemble them into a single PDF or text file/ -Steve
  10. Storyist 3.1 for iOS is out. It includes new features and bug fixes. Specifically: Support for iOS 9 features like Slide Over and Split View. Redesigned shortcuts bar on iPad. Enhanced RTF converters. Native editing of Scrivener files. Updated file icons. And as always, if you like the enhancements, please leave a review in the App Store—it really helps! -Steve
  11. Hi Zareh, 3.2.1 is available now. Thanks again for the report. -Steve
  12. Hi Jeremy, The certificates Apple issues to developers are good for a year. Storyist's expired today. I have a shiny new one ready to go, and will post a new beta build tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Steve
  13. Hi B, Version 3.2 is available in the Mac App Store. -Steve
  14. Hi bunnandbunch, There isn't a mechanism for specifying a page range for export. You could copy the 30 pages to a new file and export that though. -Steve
  15. Hi hopeso, There are a couple of options. You could email the Storyist project, a PDF, or an RTF file. If you want to email a Storyist project, just create a new mail message in your mail client and drag the project file to the message. If you want to send PDF or RTF, you'll want to export your script in that format and drag that to your message instead. -Steve
  16. Hi Z, Thanks for the additional information. You're right! Here is what is going on: The direct version of Storyist uses the very popular Sparkle framework for updates. Apple added a new requirement in El Capitan that resource downloads be made with https rather than http. This is a good thing, but unfortunately the change wasn't communicated very well, and as a result, apps using Sparkle are running into this issue. The good news is that Apple only turned this feature on for apps built using the El Capitan SDK. This means It won't affect updates from Storyist versions prior to 3.2. It won't affect updates for people not running El Capitan. It will affect people running 3.2 on El Capitan however, and I'll get a patch out right away. At the moment, you're running the latest version, but you'll need to manually download 3.2.1 when it is available. Thank you for the report! -Steve
  17. Hi dMacGuy, If you're running El Capitan, you'll want to get Storyist for Mac version 3.2. It includes support for El Capitan and works around a security-related change that Apple made that could cause the behavior you are seeing. If you need to download 3.2, you can get it here: http://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg. This is the direct version. Note: Version 3.2 was been submitted to the Mac App Store and is currently waiting for review. I've requested an expedited review, so hopefully it will be available shortly. In the meantime, please use the direct version above. Update (10/3/15): Version 3.2 is now available in the Mac App Store. -Steve
  18. Hi Zareh, Thanks for the report. Are you still seeing the error? If so, could you let me know a little bit more about it? Do you see an error message? If so, what does it say? Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any issues updating from 3.0.2 to 3.2 on El Capitan. -Steve
  19. Hi Jeremy, I see now. Yes, not a function yet, but probably should be. Let me see what I can do for the next release. -Steve
  20. Hi B, Version 3.2 is still in the Mac App Store queue waiting for review. It should be available any day now. Let me know if you need an extension for the trial with the version you have. That's easy enough to do. -Steve
  21. Thanks, Jeremy. Currently, the text editor's comments inspector shows comments attached to the text, so it should show comments attached to chapters and sections in the storyboard view. It doesn't show comments attached to files and folders, which is what you are looking for, I think. This would mean adding a comment inspector to the folder view too, which is a fine feature request. -Steve
  22. Hi Folks, Storyist 3.2 for Mac is available. If you're planning on upgrading to OS X El Capitan tomorrow, you'll want to download it too. It includes new features, bug fixes, stability enhancements, and support for OS X El Capitan. Specifically: A new comment inspector, located in the inspector sidebar, shows the list of comments in the text file. A search field lets you quickly find the comment you're looking for (like in Storyist for iOS.) Storyist now supports "range" comments that span blocks of text in addition to "point" comments. The comment popover has been redesign and now has a delete button and controls for moving to the previous/next comment. It also now shows the modification date of the comment. The comment popover now tracks its location in the text when the text is scrolled. Storyist now supports El Capitan's split "full screen" feature. A page count is now available in the file stats popover when the text editor is in page mode. The RTF converters can now import/export inline images in the format the Word expects. The RTF converters now correctly handle line spacing for paragraphs with font sizes other than the default. Clicking and dragging the styles control in the status bar no longer drags the window to a new location. Storyist no longer takes an exception when navigating to some story sheets when running on El Capitan. Storyist no longer crashes when you drag a .storyist2license file to the application while it is running. Storyist no longer crashes in certain circumstances when using style shortcut key combinations. -Steve
  23. Hi Jeremy, You can use the Format > Style > Change Stylesheet command to convert your file to use the second stylesheet. -Steve
  24. Hi Ottawa, Great! By the way, the NaNoWriMo discount is now active. Don't tell anyone ;-) -Steve
  25. I should probably point out that in Storyist, images that are associated with text are often displayed in the collage view, where they are resizable. Perhaps an option for you? -Steve
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