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  1. It depends on what settings you used for the import assistant, but sounds like you are using tab in your word document instead of a style with a first line indent to offset the first line of a paragraph. Since the default templates don't use tab (they use style definitions) to do that, there is no tab stop set. Try adding a tab stop either by adding it to the paragraph or by adding it to the style definition. If that doesn't work, I'd be happy to take a look at your document for you. I can provide instructions for replacing all the characters with, say the 'x' character if you want. -Steve
  2. So what is your word count? There are ten whole days left! I'm a little behind myself (23454), but I am going to finish. You can hold me to that -Steve
  3. I wasn't trying to gang up on Thoth. I've seen that particular misconception about how spaces works in several places and I didn't want to perpetuate it here. I'll go out on a limb and speculate that people believe that spaces is something new because there is no way that Apple would take a twenty year old technology and promote it like a stunning innovation -Steve
  4. Isaac is correct: Spaces gives you virtual desktops, not virtual machines. You can put a different Storyist document in each "space", but you'll only have one copy of Storyist running. To see that this is true, open Storyist, create four new documents, put one in each of four spaces, then run ps -ad | grep Storyist from the terminal. You'll see there is only Storyist.app running. On PPC vs. Intel: Leopard is no different than Tiger, there are binaries for both architectures. Many libraries (called Frameworks in OS X land) were added or rewritten for Leopard. It may be that the RAM footprint is larger in Leopard, so the amount of memory you have may be an issue. I'm running Leopard on a 1.5 GHz PPC PowerBook with 512 MB, and it runs fine for "normal" user tasks (including Storyist), but performs worse for tasks that have a large data set (like compiling). Storyist runs fine on 10.5.1, by the way. The Storyist issues mentioned elsewhere are still present (the issue causing the disappearing edit frames in the outline view is probably the most annoying), but you should definitely upgrade to 10.5.1 if you are running Leopard. Hope this helps, -Steve
  5. Photos, as promised. The write-a-thon was a blast!
  6. Steve


    And the volume of bugs and feature requests reported directly to the bug database. Thanks Isaac
  7. Genius! As long as they end up in the manuscript
  8. Have you seen Office Space?
  9. Maybe we should send Thoth to Storage B?
  10. I'll be there! Why? Because I want my free copy of Storyist, of course Seriously, the Office Of Letters and Light (the folks who put on NaNoWrimo and ScriptFrenzy) are doing great things in the community and deserve (and need) the support. And it doesn't hurt that it is going to be a blast. I'll bring my camera and post some photos next week. -Steve
  11. I use the pinned topic to collect and summarize. I think the actual discussion in useful too, and would like to leave it. Another site that you might find useful is P.D. Lyle's The Writer's Medical and Forensics Lab. Lyle is a crime writer and an MD (and an engaging speaker). -Steve
  12. Picking nits is not only acceptable on this board, it is encouraged! Getting this kind of constructive feedback is actually rewarding. Back before Storyist was released when the beta group was using the mailing list to communicate, I tried to start an "It really annoys me when..." thread, but didn't get any takers. This particular nit is one that bugs me too, and is on my list, maybe even as early as the next dot release. No promises though. -Steve
  13. Hi Callista, It is conveniently buried in the storyboard. Click on Sections in the toolbar to bring up the sections storyboard. Switch to outline mode in the storyboard. Click on the double arrow (>>) in the corner and select "Word Count". The word count is now displayed for each section. Section stats are certainly something that could be added to the placard. -Steve
  14. The ticket scene rings true. You must have done your research So would the blue stuff happen to be smurf blue? -Steve
  15. Just the opposite. I think being able to link to anything in your story is important and it was one of the original design goals. The remaining pieces are "merely" an implementation issue. To link to sections of the manuscript, you need to be able to identify the point you are linking to (i.e. a bookmark). So, when you get bookmarks, you'll get the ability to link to them. -Steve
  16. Interesting idea. Let me think about this. The general problem you are trying to address (I think) is how to quickly find a "linkable". Making use of the already-defined hierarchy is one way, although maybe you should just drag from the Project pane (if Storyist let you ) to create the link. -Steve
  17. If you have an existing setting and type the name in the "Setting" field of the section sheet, it should link to the existing setting, regardless of whether it is in a group or not. Is this not what you're seeing? -Steve
  18. Norman Mailer died today. In a 2003 interview with NPR, he talks about why being a "plotter" can get you in trouble, why smoking pot is good for editing but bad for writing, and how, as a novelist, he hopes that he isn't one of the "last of the Mohicans". Give it a listen. -Steve
  19. Steve


    Hey! Thoth has more posts than I do! Way to go Thoth! -Steve (+1)
  20. Hi xian, Don't worry, the Hero Journey template is still there. The trial version and the licensed version are actually one and the same. Purchasing a license just allows you to continue to use it past the trial period. When you create a new document, choose the Hero Journey template. If you've turned off the template chooser, you can re-enable it by opening the preference page (Storyist > Preferences...), choosing General, and making sure the Show Template Chooser dialog option is selected. In addition to the Apple Help file, you might be interested in the Getting Started Guide, which is available from the help menu, and the "Using Storyist" section of these forums. -Steve
  21. Nothing major. The top-level categories (Manuscript, Section Sheets, etc...) have adopted the source list (a.k.a. iTunes collection) look and feel that Apple is recommending for that style of control in Leopard. -Steve
  22. Here is mine: Look closely and you'll see some minor tweaks coming to the Project pane in Leopard. -Steve
  23. Steve


    Wow! 50+ forum members? 600+ posts? 100,000+ words for PJ? Storyists rock! -Steve
  24. I am able to reproduce this on a PPC G4 (but not on Intel) so I should be able to find a fix or a work-around. Thanks Isaac. -Steve
  25. You can sort of do this now, though you have to add it as a Physical Description field. Navigate to a character page. Click on a physical description field and choose Add Field > Custom... In the dialog that appears, type a label that makes sense (e.g. "Setting") and make sure the Type popup is set to Setting. Ack (nowledged). -Steve
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