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  1. It is just sheet work. The database was designed to handle section reference per object. Props, when implemented, could have development points too. -Steve
  2. Version 1.3.3, which fixes this problem, is now out and available for download. -Steve
  3. Storyist 1.3.3 addresses several Leopard bugs and fixes an issue that could cause a story file to fail to open on Leopard or Tiger. Specifically: Clicking on the Project pane icon of a section sheet having certain characteristics no longer causes Storyist to crash. (Leopard-only) Deleting a section title in a section sheet after the "Word Count" field has been added to "Section Details" no longer causes Storyist to crash. (Leopard-only) Story files that have been edited using specific sequence of steps now open properly. This update is recommended for all Storyist users.
  4. For anyone else encountering a similar issue with 1.3.1 or 1.3.2: opening the file with 1.3.3 did fix the problem. -Steve
  5. Rivergod, It may be that you are running into the bug that Betsy reported. If so, then you can download this version and open your story file. If that doesn't work, there are a couple of other things to try; It is unlikely that the story is gone. You can see the individual components of your story file by unzipping it. The archive contains: story.xml - your manuscript in OpenDocument format. story.rdf - Your story metadata (characters, plot, setting, etc...) in RDF/XML format. contents.rdf - the manifest (list of top-level resources) for the story in RDF/XML format. A notes directory with your notebook entries in RTF format. An images directory with any images you've assinged to your story sheets. I'll hang around here for a while longer in case you're still up. -Steve
  6. Hi rivergod, I'll contact you via PM and we can troubleshoot. -Steve
  7. Steve

    How Did You Do?

    I made my quota on day one (and a little more on day 2). I have to say that 10,000 words on the first days is more like a rocketing than a flying start -Steve
  8. I've posted a version for testing here. This version fixes the problem described above (as well as two Leopard-only bugs described in another topic) and opens all story files that would not open in 1.3.2 and earlier due to this bug. Note: This is a "beta" release for the testers. -Steve
  9. For the benefit of others who run across this in 1.3.2 or earlier: The problem turns out to be unrelated to the update. There is a specific combination of steps that can cause incorrect information to be saved in the story file which can cause Storyist to crash or display a blank screen when opened. These steps cause the problem: Create a new story from the Novel template. Select all manuscript text and delete. Start typing the chapter title where the cursor is now located. Press Return. Type some more section text. Save. When you close the application and reopen the story, Storyist will either crash or present a blank screen. The step in bold is what causes the problem. The following, however, works fine: Create a new story from the Novel template. Select all and delete. Choose Story > Add Chapter from the main menu. The focus will now be in the Project pane. Type a title and press Return. Place the cursor at the end of the chapter title, press Return. Type some more section text. Save. You can close the application and open the story without problems. If you run into this bug, don't panic. None of the story data is lost. Send me a PM and I'll fix your story file for you (or tell you how to fix it yourself if you are uncomfortable sending your story). A fix will be available tomorrow. -Steve
  10. Hi Betsy, I'll contact you off line and we can troubleshoot. -Steve
  11. Hi Folks, There are a couple of issues with Storyist 1.3.2 on Leopard that you should know about. These do not affect Storyist running on Tiger. Clicking on a section sheet in the Project pane can cause Storyist to crash in certain circumstances. This is due to a bug in Leopard. A work-around is in testing and should be available tomorrow. If you want to help test it, you can find it here. Deleting a section title in the section sheet after the "Word Count" field has been added to "Section Details" can cause Storyist to crash in certain circumstances. This is a bug in Storyist that does not appear to manifest itself on Tiger. A fix will be available for testing shortly. As a work-around, remove the "Word Count" field from "Section Details" by clicking on the label and selecting "Remove Field" from the popup menu that appears. The Storyist crash report can sometimes fail with the message "Could not load log file". I'm currently looking into this. Thanks to Ayki for the reproducible cases. If you discover other issues with Leopard, please let me know, either by posting them here or sending email to support. The email comes to me and you'll get back a link so you can track the progress of your ticket. You can find the support email address here. -Steve
  12. Publisher's Weekly had a little more on this in their 10/22 issue. Apparently the widow is seeking to publish a new edition of Carver's stories sans edits. -Steve
  13. Steve

    Your first?

    In a blog entry, PJ says "My grandfather gave me my first "adult" book, I'm not sure what age I was, but this wasn't Roald Dahl or an Asterix tale, this was a real, honest-to-goodness book, with more than two hundred pages. The book was "The Big Kiss Off of 1944" by Andrew Bergman." For me, it was "Enoch and the Brave Un" by Myra Clarke Crandell. The blurb is this: "A lonely Guilford boy plots to keep a puppy, but in a moment of courage, the dog earns his right to stay." OK, with that blurb, you might argue that calling it an "adult" book is a stretch, but it was novel-length with no pictures and I read the whole thing by myself from beginning to end. And the father wanted to kill the puppy. The novel was set in the small New England town I grew up in, and I remember giving up other fun stuff to read it. Thankfully my Mom saved it and I'm reading it to my son now. So what was your first? -Steve
  14. And a treat for me! Happy Halloween. How are you celebrating? I'm heading out on with my son in a little while. He is going as Mario; Me, a wizard. Then it's off (in costume) to the first NaNoWriMo write-in. First words at the stroke of midnight--probably the only time this month I'll be ahead on my word count. -Steve
  15. Delete it? With all this wonderful "color"? Happy NaNoWriMo Eve. -Steve
  16. Spaces just gives you a bigger desktop that you can't see all at once. If your display is 1920x1200 and you have 4 spaces setup, your effective desktop size is 7680x4800. With Storyist, you can have multiple documents open (one in each space if you want), but you can't open multiple windows on the same document. This is a good feature request. Isaac proposed it a while ago. -Steve
  17. I've posted the images to a thread in the Sharing section. Thanks PJ! -Steve
  18. At pjl's request (thanks pjl!), I've put together some "This writer uses Storyist" web badges. To use them, download an image, either from the attachments to this post or from one of the following links. 120 x 60 120 x 90 234 x 60 and add the following HTML snippet to your web page. <br /> <a href="http://www.storyist.com/"><br /> <img src="<filename>" border="0" alt="This writer uses Storyist" /><br /> </a><br /> -Steve
  19. It was a blast. They closed the bar to non-NaNo types, so it was a room full of writers and their groupies. I suppose the grass is always greener... I'm jealous of the pubs across the pond. Did your region have a kickoff party this year? -Steve
  20. I've posted some photos from the San Francisco Bay Area NaNoWriMo kickoff party to the NaNoWriMo pool on Flickr. (You can find them here too). Three days and counting... -Steve
  21. Back to business As you pointed out, the topic is lit when there are unread replies. Just out of curiosity, have you followed the "moved" thread too?. If not, let me know and I'll submit a support request to the IPB folks tomorrow. It doesn't stay lit for me, so to make sure I've got the issue: The forum titled "General Topics" at the main level is always lit as if to say there are new posts. Correct? -Steve
  22. Hmmm. I have no idea why the policy is suddenly being enforced by the board. Sorry! -Steve
  23. Wow! At the moment, the only artwork I've got is for the press. High-res application icon: http://storyist.com/company/news/Storyist_AppIcon_512.tif High-res logo: http://storyist.com/company/news/Storyist-Logo_rgb.eps Small logo: http://storyist.com/company/news/Storyist-Logo_rgb.jpg It would be an honor to put together a "powered by" one for you. I'll post that tomorrow. Thanks PJ. Nice site, by the way. -Steve
  24. Thanks Marguerite. Interesting that an editor would write what might be titled "What do editors do to novels now?" I wonder if he and Gordon Lish were rivals.
  25. I didn't make any changes to the avatar policy, but I did enable guests to view pictures (screenshots). What happened to your avatar? -Steve
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