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  1. If you hold down the option key while dragging either a "gripper" or a split view bar, you will resize the entire window instead of just the split view. For example: Hold down the option key. Click and drag the gripper (i.e. the two vertical gray lines) in the footer of the Project pane. Notice that the window changes size. Release the option key. Continue dragging the gripper. Notice that the dividing line between the Project pane and the Document view moves but the window remains the same size. -Steve
  2. Storyist 1.3.1 is available for download. This release fixes a bug introduced in version 1.3 that causes story files to fail to open in certain circumstances. The bug does not cause data to be lost and all files saved with version 1.3 will open with version 1.3.1.
  3. On November 17th, the great folks at the Office of Letters and Light (the non-profit organization that organizes NaNoWriMo) are holding a write-a-thon fundraiser at the at the Women’s Building in San Francisco. It is going to be a great event and the proceeds will go to a worthy cause--NaNoWriMo. Storyist Software is delighted to be one of the sponsors and will donate a free copy of Storyist to everyone who attends. If you are planning on attending the write-a-thon (you'll need to raise more that $200 in sponsorships to do so) and would like to use Storyist during NaNoWriMo but won't make it to the 17th on the trial license, send me a PM from your account on this board and I'll generate a temporary license for you to use until you receive a full license at the event. -Steve
  4. Storyist 1.3 is available for download. This release offers an enhanced storyboard with support for index cards and photos and fixes several bugs and addresses issues related to overall stability and performance. Specifically: Selecting text with command- in large manuscripts is now appropriately zippy. Characters that have capitalized representations with different numbers of glyphs than lower case representations (e.g. "ß" -> "SS") no longer cause Storyist to hang when used in a style with the "All Caps" text transform. Replaced or deleted images no longer remain in the project.
  5. Plotter or pantser? I've never heard it put quite that way before. I love it! I've just added a poll to this topic to collect answers to that question. Maybe it is the software engineer and not the novelist talking, or maybe writing thrillers requires planning up front, but I'm pretty firmly in the "plotter" category. The other side has it's seductions, however. For my NaNoWriMo manuscript last year, I decided to "pants" it. The novel, Wiretap, dealt with what happens when both presidential candidates are assassinated on the eve of the election. While I did end up with a couple of plot twists that I'm sure I would have missed were I writing from an outline, the first draft needs more work than previous first drafts. Of course previous first drafts took a lot longer to write.
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    Oh. In case you're wondering, I'm in. -Steve
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    Welcome to the NaNoWriMo area of the Storyist Forums! November is almost upon us. If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year, give us a shout and let us know. And if you haven't registered as a Storyist forum member yet, why not take a moment to do so now. It's easy and free and we'd love to have your company on the road to 50,000. -Steve
  8. Ah November! Here are some pictures I took at last year's TGIO party to whet your apetite. -Steve
  9. Yes it is! I'm looking forward to this November.
  10. You're not alone. I think this is a great feature. You'll see some support in 1.3 (out shortly--watch this space) and I plan to expand on this in 1.4 when the NaNoWriMo dust settles. -Steve
  11. Hi Gamma, Thanks for the kind words on Storyist! I'm sorry we won't be able to count you as a customer right now. I hope you'll continue to check in on Storyist from time-to-time and that the above reasons (stability, features, interface) will eventually win you over. Good luck with your writing! -Steve
  12. Thanks Thoth. The images in the sheets are 96x96. There are some image-related enhancements coming in 1.3, and I would recommend 128x128 or 256x256. Storyist will take care of the scaling. JPEG will give you the best compression, and most image tools will allow you to trade off quality for file size. And yes, I'm working on fixing the issue you mentioned in step 5. -Steve
  13. I agree. 1.3 will have a toolbar icon for Sections/Scenes. Thanks Thoth. -Steve
  14. Storyist 1.2.3 is available for download. This release fixes several bugs and addresses issues related to overall stability and performance. Specifically: Non-ascii characters are now properly saved in the Notes field of story sheets. Deleted sections are no longer available for assignment in the story sheets. Link insertion can now be undone. Storyist no longer crashes in certain circumstances when redoing a deletion of multiple sections of the manuscript from the Project pane. When section titles are hidden, sections not having a section separator are now positioned properly with respect to the next section when dragged to a new position in the Project pane. Previously, they would be merged with the following section. Editing outline elements from the Format > Manuscript > Edit Outline Elements... menu now works properly. Previously, changes to the default style for body text would have no effect in certain circumstances. A bug causing the creation of new sections from the Section menu to stop working in certain circumstances has been fixed. Character developement fields no longer change size when editing the first paragraph. (Note: This is a work around for an Apple bug and the size will still change for paragraphs after the first). Extra columns are no longer inserted in tables exported from story sheets. The style picker no longer extends beyond the screen bounds when placed at the bottom of the screen. The file size of stories having styles with foreground text color other than black has been reduced. Special thanks go to Thoth, Marguerite and Erwan for helping to track down these bugs.
  15. Hi Thoth, There is definitely a bug here (but not related to ordering/sorting items in the Link dialog) and I am able to reproduce the behavior you describe. Interestingly, if you insert a link before the last paragraph, and then navigate away, the link will usually (though not always) be inserted as expected. I'll definitely fix this. -Steve
  16. Hi Thoth, You can sort the link options as follows: Place the insertion point at the location you want the link. Choose Edit > Insert > Link... (Command-L) from the main menu. The link sheet appears. Click on the column header titled "Title" to sort alphabetically. Click on the column header title "Type" to sort by type. -Steve
  17. Hi Marguerite, Some good news and some bad news Good News: You can sort the elements in alphabetical order (or reverse alphabetical order) by clicking on the "Title" header. Similarly, you can sort by type by clicking on the "Type" header. Bad News: Unfortunately, the "thin black line" (with a loop at the end) IS the Mac's usual method of indicating item dragging in outline views. See the outline view in Mail, for instance. -Steve
  18. Hi ayki, Some more information on the issues you mention: PROBLEM 1: Thanks for the files. There is a bug in the style code that manifests itself in certain circumstances that depend on the order of the body text styles in the stylesheet. I've fixed this for 1.2.3 which will be out shortly. The work around for earlier versions is to edit all body styles except for "Section Text". PROBLEM 1A: Related to the above. Fixed 1.2.3. PROBLEM II: Fixed for 1.2.3. PROBLEM III: The changing of the field width is a bug in the Apple table code that occurs if a cell has more than one paragraph. I've added a work-around to 1.2.3 so that the sheet fields do not have more than one paragraph by default (as they do now). You'll still see the problem if your description fields have more than one paragraph. PROBLEM IV: Fixed for 1.2.3. Thanks for the reports. By the way, I liked the template you sent. I hope you'll consider posting it when it is done. -Steve
  19. Hi akyi, I'm trying to reproduce what you are seeing. Here is what I tried: Create a new story from the Novel template. Place the cursor in the manuscript and select all. Press delete. Select Story > Add Chapter. The title of the new chapter is selected in the project pane. I typed a new title. Select Story > Add Section. This adds a new section, complete with section separator. Add a title to the section. Select Story > Add Section again. The second section (and others after it) appear as requested, all with section separators. I must be missing a step. Can you provide any additional information on how to reproduce what you are seeing? You mentioned that you changed the style definitions. If you'd like, I'll take a look at the file for you and see if I can see anything (I'll send you my email address in a PM). The second issue you mention is a known bug and the beta testers are testing the fix. The fix will be released shortly, but if you'd like to try it yourself, let me know. -Steve
  20. Steve

    Index Cards

    akyi, Welcome and thanks for the feedback! Taking a step back from the implementation details for a moment, I think what you (and Thoth, and others) are asking for is a way to work with the story at a high-level. This is a great idea and is something I'm interested in addressing sooner rather than later. And for this purpose, outlining and index carding (if I may take some liberties with the language) are really two sides of the same coin. Story sheets, on the other hand, are really tools for doing a "deep" dive on individual story elements. I like your tooltip suggestion; Isaac requested page numbers and word counts in the tooltip. Perhaps the tooltip information should be configurable. As for treading on "dangerous ground", don't worry--you're not. Feel free to discuss likes and dislikes in other writing applications. My only request is that posters treat everyone with respect and offer constructive criticism. -Steve
  21. Scene numbering is definitely on the list. At least in the U.S., scenes are typically not numbered until the script goes into production and then there are some customs for numbering revisions (A/B scenes). I'd like to understand the requirements in France a little better.
  22. You might decide that the story doesn't support two minor characters and want to combine them in the second draft. If you've already got links to both of them, it would be tedious to copy and paste the relevant bits and update the links by hand. -Steve
  23. Good idea. The "Copy" feature is on the list; it'll probably be named "Duplicate" and function more or less like the duplicate function in the Finder. I view this as distinct from copy/paste. BTW, I also plan to add a command to allow you to merge sheets. On the "Open" issue: that is a hold-over from pre-1.0 versions where a single click selected--but did not navigate to--the item. Now that navigation occurs with a single mouse click, it is really unnecessary. Thanks for pointing that out. -Steve
  24. Erwan & Thoth, There is a lot I want to do still with story sheets and adding the ability to add/edit the sheet headings is just the start. Erwan, I'd love to see and example (.doc or rtf is fine) of what you're aiming for. -Steve
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