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  1. Howdy. I just transferred to a new computer and can't seem to find the templates I created. I still have the old computer available. Where would I find the templates? Apologies if this is elsewhere, I just couldn't find a thread. Thank you! Captain Marsupial
  2. Thanks! The lines turned off, and the first page suggestion is great! if
  3. Sorry if this has been answered already. When I use this template I get a header on the first page which I'd love to remove, and I also get a thin rule around each text box. This I'd DEFINITELY like to remove. I've tried both versions of the program. Any suggestions anyone? BTW, I've asked this in a separate post. Sorry. Best to all, CM.
  4. Howdy gang! I downloaded a short story template from the forums and while it's cool, it draws thin ruled lines around the headers, footer, and main body boxes. I can't find anyplace to turn them off. I've tried it in both versions of the program. Another problem I'm running into is I can't remove the header from the first page. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I'm running into the same problem. I'm using the Short Story Template, and have done plenty of page layout design, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the first page different. For my novel, I just went ahead a generated a front page that was totally different. But for a Short Story I'm having to contemplate whiteout. Ugh.
  6. Hi, sorry if it's already in the program, but I haven't seen a user-defined dictionary. I'd love to be able to put my characters' names, or heck, even my name into the dictionary without it having to be part of the Global English dictionary. Or if there's a story dictionary so I don't have character names run across all my projects. Thanks!
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