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  1. Thanks for the reply, Steve. Well this is a bit unfortunate (for me). I play around with my text quite a lot (visually speaking--is that an oxymoron?) and bounce between genre formats. Think Douglas Coupland with multiple personalities. A table/column feature is an absolute necessity for me in composing my manuscript - especially this project which I am trying to revise and send off ASAP. I like most everything about Storyist at the moment, and I am certainly not advocating or trying to contribute to (shudder!) feature creep, but this would certainly be a beneficial addition to the app for me. In fact, for this manuscript it is a deal breaker. I will continue to try Storyist with my other projects, though, and see where that leads. All the best (and thanks for all your work!), Jeff
  2. Greetings. I'm new to this community and to Storyist, but I am trying it out at the moment to put the finishing touches on a novel i started a few years ago - created in MS WORD, then imported to Pages, then tried out in varying forms with Final Draft, Scrivener, Jer's Novel Writer, etc (can you say PROCRASTINATION?) ANYWAY... My manuscript is a novel written in short stories. Within each of these stories I play around with form(at). Some scenes end up as CUT TO: screenplay styles, others as Play style (as if the characters are on stage), and others as newspaper clippings or radio dialogue. What I was able to do, obviously, in any of the major word processors was to set up tables or columns. For the specific instance I'm writing about, two characters (chefs) carry on monologues, both at the same time, talking while the other is talking, but to illustrate their personality, they both end their simultaneous monologues with the same utterance. They are meant to be read alongside other because I have the reader in mind, of course, not an audience or director. In Storyist, how might I achieve this format, I.E., set up two parallel columns, running side by side, in one section, and carry over more than one page if need be? When I copied the section from Pages to Storyist the columns were forced out, and in Storyist they become as if two sections, one immediately after the other. Hmmm....It's a simple idea, really, but why do I feel like I just spouted gobbledygook? Any help appreciated (as this is pretty central to my being able to use this app for this book) Jeff PS - I am liking Storyist so far, and it does work well with my other, more quote-unquote 'normal' manuscripts. One simple feature, though, that JNW contains that would be great in S'ist is the margin notes. Write/edit/proof, whatever, and just make notes on word/pp/char/etc right in the margin and come back to it later...
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