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  1. I have not been making use of Storyist for several years now and have migrated across a couple of Macbook Airs, so I now have a license problem. Storyist shows that it has the license for Storyist 2 but not for my original purchase back in 2008. I have, I hope, all of of the plists dating back to 6/25/08 but can not accurately read so that I can properly interpret and enter the date. What can I do?
  2. I have a long practiced tactic of recording my thoughts on any kind of audio recorder, now either my iPhone or my Sony digital. What about enabling Storyist to accept links to iTunes, where I store my notes? Just like we link pages with characters, section sheets and locations into the document, so we could do with verbal notes seating each wherever the aspiring author needs to find it the next time she or he is working on that page and wondering if they'd generated ideas on this spot before.
  3. I frequently record my thoughts on a little recorder with SSD. Those are then transferred to iTunes, named and catalogued. Would it be possible to link those verbal thoughts in iTunes with characters, bookmarks, characters, section sheets, plot, settings and even in particular locations of the document?
  4. Thanks, Steve! I have the screen set to 125% because I'm usually using a 20" screen and the 100% makes the words too small. I'll just wait to see what your update will bring about.
  5. I'm using Storyist 2.2 on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.6.2. In this environment my cursor appears stagnate, at times. There are locations on the page where I can use the keyboard keys to move the cursor around and it appears to move and leave itself exactly where it had been. When I click another location on the page with the mouse the illusion disappears. This isn't a constant problem and doesn't appear to be anymore of a problem than an inconvenience. Is there something that I can do to rid my program of this ghost effect?
  6. As I search for a word the first one found is always correctly highlighted but after that the highlight is usually not on the word I was seeking. This isn't a big problem yet... I am using Storyist 2.1.5 on OS 10.6.2
  7. I'm interested in being able to link to other documents on my hard drive. I have made significant use of website links yet I have other documents which need to be connected to particular spots in the story.
  8. I am experiencing occasional problems while using Spell check. It has been identifying some quotation marks as the first while that quotation mark was the last one and visa versa. What should I do to correct this problem. Also, as I potentially find other problems I'll let you folks know.
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