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  1. It's probably about time I popped in here since I've been registered for ages but never posted... Hi, I'm Verity! I've been using Storyist for a little more than a year, and it's now my software of choice for long-form writing endeavors—it works beautifully with the way that I write (I love the character sheets and the section cards). I'm an amateur writer and wannabe novelist (I'm one for five in NaNoWriMo, going for two for six this year I'm not completely buried in classwork by then) with a penchant for fantasy and science-fiction along with the odd fanfic. *waves*
  2. The problem appears to be a font called Courier TU. I can't tell exactly when it was installed, but I looked around and it seems from a couple Apple support forum posts that I found where people had the exact same problem (wish I'd found those a few hours ago) that a few other people had a similar problem either that font or Courier CE. No one seems to be able to tell why it happens, since it isn't universal, although it seems like more or less everyone having the problem is using Snow Leopard. (Relevant threads: 1, 2) Anyway, once I realized that everything using Courier was displaying weirdly, I went into the Font Book application, where I noticed some fonts had a little yellow triangle next to them. When I clicked those fonts, it gave me a warning that said multiple copies of the font were installed and to solve the problem I could disable the extras. When I scrolled down to Courier, it had one of those, and one of the multiples was the aforementioned problem font. To solve the problem, you can either disable the font or delete it altogether.
  3. Hang on, I figured it out! Turns out I had a corrupted copy of Courier installed that was screwing up everything printed in that font across several different programs (to answer your question that I forgot to answer before, the text appeared scrambled in a new document as well). Now the text reads fine. I think the OS upgrade may have installed additional copies of system fonts or something which caused the problem, and I just had to disable the extras to get the text to display properly.
  4. I checked the console, and the only things that looked like they might be relevant are these: 9/13/09 7:46:57 PM Storyist[9462] .scriptSuite warning for superclass of class 'NSApplication' in suite 'BlocksPreferencesSuite': 'BlocksConfigurationSuite.NSApplication' is not a valid class name. 9/13/09 7:50:39 PM [0x0-0x1fa1fa].com.storyist.storyist[9462] Sun Sep 13 19:50:39 Verity.local Storyist[9462] <Error>: kCGErrorFailure: cglsInitialize: Failed 0x271f 9/13/09 7:50:39 PM [0x0-0x1fa1fa].com.storyist.storyist[9462] Sun Sep 13 19:50:39 Verity.local Storyist[9462] <Error>: kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged. My suspicion that it's a Snow Leopard-related issue is that before I upgraded to XCode 3.0, the 2.5 version under Snow Leopard would spit out something similar-looking when I tried to run C++ command line programs.
  5. Yes, it's unencrpyted, and I'm still having the same problem with 2.0.2, I'm afraid. It was worth a shot, though.
  6. So I upgraded to Snow Leopard... but now all my Storyist manuscripts have been replaced with gibberish. (See here.) When I type new stuff into the manuscript area, it becomes more gibberish. The rest of the areas (notes, characters, section sheets, etc) seem to be unaffected, and I was able to salvage the text by extracting the XML file from the document, but naturally this is putting a cramp in my noveling style. I've had a really great experience with Storyist and would love to continue to be able to use it in the future, so I'm hoping there's a fix for this of some sort. Ideas? Running: - Storyist 1.5.2 (also tried 2.0 trial, had same problem) - Mac OS 10.6.1 - 2007 MacBook, Intel
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