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  1. Oh, I didn't know about the Control+L.... I'll give that a try. Thanks for the prompt response. Cheers, Serp
  2. I don't mean to push the issue, but I am currently writing a short story, and it's a little irritating that my text ends up at the bottom of the screen as if my story is getting crushed beneath the weight of the words. When I'm in "the flow," maybe I'm lazy, but it's cumbersome to scroll to get my text at, at least, eye-level. Is there a fix for this that I can't see, or is typewriter scrolling going to be on "the list"? It's not a deal-breaker or anything, but it would make Storyist that much better.
  3. So is typewriter scrolling on "the list"? I would REALLY utilize that feature. I hate having to scroll up and down on the screen, when typewriter scrolling can level it right in the center of the text view. Would be ideal on full-screen or across the board.
  4. Hoorrraaay. I just finished Script Frenzy. I can now say, "I wrote a screen play." All I need is to work it out and fine tune it whenever, if ever, I choose to... Now it's off to editing the pesky novel I converted into the said screenplay...
  5. I'm on cruise control, but almost lost a day's worth because I just bought a new bike. I was having too much fun zipping around town... yet I'm back on and about 5 pages ahead of schedule. Congrats on the 10 pages.
  6. Italics works for internal thoughts, I would pick one thought or the other: What a waste of time and money. or just simply, and maybe more effective: Worthless. Because both thoughts are very similar. When in doubt... less is more. The "he thinks" is just fine. But sometimes you don't need the "he thinks". Just be consistent in your story so as to not confuse the reader. At least that's my opinion.
  7. Maybe I should have mentioned that I am converting said novel into a screenplay, hence the non-challenge (is this considered cheating?). Upon doing so, I have noticed that my novel needs a massive re-write. I have, though, decided to continue with Script Frenzy, just so I can impress my friends, and say, "Yeah...I wrote a script." I'm on schedule.
  8. "Thin and lean" is kind of redundant. Maybe say, "he wears a pristine white overcoat." "With long strides he rounds..." "Several of his assistants shout his name, spilling into the hallway." Do you need to add " 'Dr. Escher?' His pursuers cry." since you mention the very sentence before they were shouting his name? "falls of deaf ears" is cliché "Knowing the building well, he easily escapes his pursuers." "Charles purses his lips, glancing at his watch. "a rotating gateway between his world of research, and the world soon to be affected by it"... do you intend to telegraph this statement, or will the action to follow make the reader to draw this conclusion without it being said?
  9. Alright... I'm having no challenge with Script Frenzy... so I'm considering devoting my time back to my fiction. I have a novel to revise... Does anyone want to try to talk me into following through with Script Frenzy?
  10. Nice... Thanks for getting this Script Frenzy Section going. I'm fixing to take a grasp on day 2... That's awesome to collaborate with your son, Steve. Sounds like a success. Pokemon meets Star Wars... can't go wrong with those 2 winners. Ciao.
  11. Well, I just logged in my first 4 pages of my script (using Storyist for this one), and I'm calling it Poet For Hire. It's a dark comedy/farcical horror. These first four were pretty easy, despite the fact I slaved for over eight hours of soul crushing work (occupation) just prior to writing. Are we going to have a Script Frenzy 2011 section? Or am I the only one on these forums participating? See you on The Front.
  12. Ah, I think I see, now. Thanks to both of you... NaNoWriMo was a bit easier—with word count bering a bit more straightforward. I will make sure to have about 4 pages a day of screenplay done. That should satisfy the page counter that Script Frenzy tallies. Cheers.
  13. Thanks for the info... where can I download the Script Frenzy Page Counter for Storyist 2? Or do I already have it unknowingly?
  14. Not to seem stepping on anyone's toes, but one of the features that I feel Storyist could use is a "Name Generator"... this is one of the features on Scrivener that I really like... is there any way Storyist can get something similar or better in the future?
  15. Don't know about the downloadable page counter, but I'm pretty sure all Stroyist 2 versions have a running page count in the "Control Bar". The Storyist Script Frenzy Version can be downloaded at the bottom of this page: http://storyist.com/scriptfrenzy/ I'm gearing up for a fun April. This will be my 1st full script attempt. What is it 3.3 pages a day? Doesn't sound too tough...
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