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  1. Thanks, Steve, but please tell me how to accomplish your third bullet point (above). Maybe I am a dummy?!
  2. Well, here I am again, trying to learn software when I should be writing. A little background: I bought Storyist two years ago, after spending hours and hours reading the reviews of all the choices available. (I'm very selective. I try my very best to get the right product). I can't explain exactly why I finally went with Storyist, except that it was based on a feeling, simply a hunch. A lot of it was because of this forum and the admiration for Steve. After the 'kicking-the-tires-and-then-buying' stage I was excited to get going. I am 68 years old, have never really learned how to use a word processor, but really, really had the urge to write... now .... finally .... after putting it off for all these years. Before the memory is totally gone, or worse, before I am gone. I played around with Storyist as soon as I got it. But ... well ... I didn't get it. So I chalked it up to my age and lack of technical know-how. So I put it aside for awhile, rationalizing that I first had a lot of research to do on my imagined historical fiction novel. So I spent a year researching, and then tried playing around with Storyist again. Same result. I was not getting it. By now, I'm sure you know how this story ends. Yes, it's another year later and I am once again motivated to write - and once again attempting to "get Storyist." There is one difference this time: I'm not at all sure I really want to get it anymore; it just doesn't seem to be worth the time. Despite the posts I've seen that say essentially, "Okay, I got it. What a dummy I am." It should not be like this. I am not a dummy in other respects, why with this? I am sure everyone in this forum agrees that the process of writing is hard enough, without writing software making it harder still. And we also know of the numerous posts herein that say the same thing. Why, to offer just one example, is there still no instructive video to make things just a bit easier for us visually-oriented types? I don't want to waste any more time .... either knocking Storyist or anything else. I want to be productive. I want to write. I want software that is the digital/electronic equivalent of a typewriter, without a typewriter's limitations. I do not want writing software that boasts every "feature" under the sun, or is extremely "flexible," or knows more than I do, etc, etc. I want writing software that makes it easier to write, not harder. I won't attempt to list specific problems, even though you and Steve and others will have the right to scold me if I don't. And I don't even want to throw Storyist out the window ... not quite yet. I am simply hoping that someone can convince an old codger like me that it could still make sense to use Storyist all stripped down, without the bells and whistles, simply to write. AND ... at the same time to use something like Circus Ponies' Notebook to keep track of characters, ideas, notes to self, etc. (I just reviewed 'Notebook' online and it looks pretty nifty. Of course, I felt the same way about some writing software once) Okay, enough jokes and enough ranting. I apologize if I've been too sarcastic. But, after all, I know I'm not the only one who's a bit frustrated. Seriously, I do hope that you, Marguerite or Steve, or anyone else who reads this, can suggest a workable way to work with Storyist (in conjunction with, or without, separate note-taking software) that will allow me to be more productive when I sit down to write. I realize that goes against the grain, it's probably a conflict of interest for you, etc. But, I don't know how else to reach out. If you do choose to respond, please spell things out for me as if talking to a child. Because apparently, when it comes to this software, that's what I am. Thanks so much for your patience.
  3. Thanks so much for your helpful advice on how to proceed with Storyist. The mental gymnastics of preparing to write my very first book are dominating all my waking (and some sleeping) hours these days. I don't welcome any additional challenges from writing software. But, as you say, I'm sure I'll learn what I need to learn by simply sitting down, digging in, and finding my voice for the story that's brewing inside. Thanks again! landsmann
  4. Congratulations, David, and much success with the publishing. As a brand-new forum user I am currently in the position you were last November -- trying the trial version of Storyist. As I explained in my last (and first) post I'm a bit apprehensive about it because, believe it or not, I've managed to live my life without ever having to use any word processor. They appeared needlessly complex to me; I'm hoping Storyist will be different. Again, I wish you the best as you enter the publishing field. Please keep us informed about the good, the bad, and the ... truly ugly. landsmann
  5. Congrats ... how I wish I could be where you are now. All the best!
  6. Hello .... I just joined Storyist Forums but have not yet purchased the software. I'll be candid and admit I'm a bit overwhelmed from playing with the trial version. This is probably because I'm not familiar with any word processor ---- and it looks like I'm having trouble just posting this! I just tried to underline the word "any" in this sentence and I got what you see here. ??!!?? .... Never encountered that problem anywhere else. Anyway, my main concern is that I will be tied up for days/weeks just figuring out how to find my way in Storyist. As I was saying I've never had much need for any word processor. Being a photographer, I've gotten by with graphics software to do whatever little writing needed to be done. Now, however, I'm setting out to write that big novel most of us dream about, and I'm wondering how best to go about it. I was just about ready to go with Jer's Novel Writer because it looked less complicated and I loved the relative unobtrusive interface. But it seems that program and/or person has more or less decided to "go away" and he's taken online contact with him. Short trials with other writing software also left me apprehensive, for one reason or another. What I need is reassurance that Storyist is ... what I need! I am far from being a "techie". I simply don't want to waste a lot of time figuring out buttons and sliders, etc. I want simply to write, although I'm certainly open to any features that will help me be better organized and creative. So....if anyone out there can hold my hand and give me some advice and how to proceed in baby steps, or whatever, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
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