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  1. Hi Steve, The link for the 512 icon is broken. Just started using Storyist and love it so far. Robin
  2. Thank you for this posting. I believe things have moved to Open ID Connect, built on OAuth 2.0 have they not? In any event, I ended up abandoning the Microsoft ecosystem entirely for Apple and Google, due in part to Dropbox on my old HP desktop. It was being used to upload files (and erase them entirely) from my desktop. There is another feature of enabling Dropbox on the desktop and that is a persistent user credential on the device. I have never touched it since. I use iCloud or Google Drive and have a Box acccunt just to upload and save files. It is much safer! I also only buy apps from the App Store and use ESET.
  3. I just enabled Dark Mode in Storyist on iOS but some of the text is dark blue or even black on a nearly black background. The curser is dark blue and not visible. All of the text in Dark Mode should be a pale white or pale yellow. (It is so nice to see this feature though and I hope the text contrast issue is fixed soon.)
  4. I signed up for this forum after researching all available possibilities for using a timeline with writing software, even going as far as to see what is available in Google Charts API and Filemaker, etc... I have an iMac 5K and an iPad Pro and use the ipad most of the time. Scrivener does not have an iPad app. I have Ulysses on the Mac but they switched to a subscription model so I do not want all my work stuck in that ecosystem. I hate the expense of updating to newer versions of Final Draft. I need stand alone software that will sync between iPad and iMac and will allow me to write books and screenplays with a timeline function. So far, I have not encountered anything as incredible as Aeon Timeline. IMHO, if Scrivener makes an iPad app, many will move to it because of the Aeon Timeline integration. Storyist is so nice on the iPad, I have not downloaded it yet on the iMac. I did notice that the Google Charts API has a timeline function and I think this will evolve rapidly into something that can become a Chrome Web App or extension for Google Docs. There is an opportunity here for Storyist to incorporate a timeline function prior to these events. I actually want something more complex, such as being able to hover over a date in my customized timeline and see a list somewhere of historical events on that day with a link to say - Wikipedia. Also, I do not like to use Dropbox for security reasons on my iMac. I prefer iCloud, Google Drive or Box. My idea is to have the ability to move along a timeline with unlimited, stackable sticky notes in customizable colors that are formatted for either book or screenplay with a drag and drop feature. This is a great forum and I see there are like-minded indivials here with some great insight into the subject. I look forward to reading your posts.
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