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  1. Thank you so much!!! That fixed it! I didn't know I needed to set stops for the tab and now it works great!! Thank you so much for all your help!
  2. Thank you! I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have tried that and it hasn't made a difference. I'm not sure if my program is glitching or not, but I've restarted both it and my laptop and it hasn't made a difference. If I uninstalled the whole program would it make me buy it again to reinstall it?
  3. I am unable to use the tab key in Storyist. I've already gone into Preferences and turned off 'Enable Key Shortcuts', but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I just want to be able to use the tab key like you would in Pages or Microsoft Word. I've thought of uninstalling Storyist completely and reinstalling, but I'm afraid I'll have to buy it again if I do that. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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