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  1. I want to know how much does a professional Wikipedia expert would cost for creating a Wikipedia page. I first tried to create the Wikipedia page by myself, but as I am not a professional writer it was challenging for me to follow the writing rules of Wikipedia. I have now decide to hire the professional and expert Wikipedia Page creator who has the ability to write the Wikipedia page content in the finest quality and also who can create the page in such a way that it would be there on the website for a long time, as I know many pages often gets deleted if they are not created properly. I want to know the charges for availing services from Wikipedia expert, someone please guide me
  2. Does anyone know how much will it cost me to get a Wikipedia page created from a professional? I have already tried to create my Wikipedia page twice, but it was a fail attempt both times. Someone told me that there is a good Wikipedia page creation agency that offers perfect and high quality Wikipedia page creation services for the clients, and they can solve my problem very professionally. I was thinking to hire them, but I have no idea how much do they cost. If anyone has any experience of hiring an agency for Wikipedia page creation, then kindly let me know how much they charge for the services, so that I can hire them soon.
  3. I wanted to write a memoir for my father so that I can gift him on his sixtieth birthday, so I tried to write one, but after I was done, I read it and it was not of a very good quality. As I am not a professional memoir writer, I made too many blunders affecting the quality. I was planning to hire a memoir ghostwriter who is professional and can write the memoir soon. As I have already wasted so much time, I want the work to be done quickly. Can someone kindly let me know how to evaluate the ghostwriter for memoir? Should I only look at the resume or there are other aspects that is needed to be covered? source: https://memoirghostwriter.net/
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