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  1. Hello, I am trying to find a way to remove the page number on the first page of my screenplay. I've looked at your documentation and I have also watched several videos. It seems in a different version of Storyist, under the "Format" menu, there should be a menu that says "Page." Unfortunately, my version of Storyist does not have a "Page" menu. The only things that show up when I click on the Format menu are Font, Text, and Style. When I go to Page Setup, it's only printer preferences. I am using the latest version of Mac iOS Can you please tell me how to remove the page number from the first page of my screenplay? Also, is there any way to edit how Storyist numbers pages? For instance, I tried starting the page numbers on the second page, but I could not find a way to choose which number I would like to start from...for example: 2 Regardless, I need assistance. Thank you for your time and expertise.
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