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  1. I would love to be able to access web pages for research while in a document's main writing area, either through some kind of split screen and/or in a scrollable column in the left sidebar (the way we currently access cards, notes, etc.).
  2. Okay, this app continues blowing me away at every level. I was playing around with it, lamenting the fact that I couldn't create nested hierarchies of documents with full scene card functionality and everything that entails, when I paused and asked myself, "Are you so sure you can't?" So I tried and it WORKED. You can put folders inside folders and populate them with text files that can be manipulated in all the same ways as top-level text files! Not only have you guys provided me the iPad writing tool I've wanted, you've given me a file system so I can keep it organized. Outstanding...
  3. I know it would be a major bit of programming and falls more into the "wish upon a star" category than anything readily doable in the near future, I would like to see a row of predictive text word choices. For a slow typist like me (and one prone to typos), it'd be an invaluable assist...
  4. Whoops! Never mind, I found it! This just became my default writing app.
  5. So far, I am loving this app. But I am curious... how does one get to that split-screen view with the column of index cards on the left and the main writing workspace on the right? Or is that not an actual feature but just an abstraction used for promotional purposes? Because if it's not an actual feature, it tops my request list...
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