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  1. All the sequence of keystrokes has made the issue that I've mentioned in Korean. I haven't the same issue in other iPad apps at all. I'm very frustrated at hearing that you're not able to reproduce.
  2. Can you tell me when you could fix the issue? I was very disappointed that 1.02 update didn't fix the issue with typing after using the arrow keys on a Bluetooth keyboard. It's not an occasional issue but a constant issue. Everyone using Storyist for iPad would want long-length project, so it's almost essential to use a Bluetooth keyboard. I can't use Storyist for iPad so far. I want to hear the schedule about fixing the issue. Thanks.
  3. If you want iPad app that presents a PDF "printer" to Air Print, try "Print to PDF". This app uses built-in print funtionality on iOS, so you can print a documents to PDF from any apps with airprint support.
  4. I have the same issue. Storyist for iPad supports Korean properly in Index Card and Outline mode, but does not support properly in manuscript text. I'll show you some example. I hope that it would help you fix this issue. I typed complex a Korean letter consisting of 5 characters. When you type ㅎ, ㅗ, ㅣ, ㄹ, ㄱ, -in Index Card and Outline mode, Storyist for iPad displays correctly : 횕 -in manuscript text, Storyist for iPad doesn't display correctly : 호ㅣㄹㄱ
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