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  1. Thanks cremmerson There it was. No idea how I missed that. Could be that if I cleaned the glasses now and then things might be clearer. Might even help if the music in the earbuds was not quite as loud. Phil
  2. Hello I have started using the built in comments. When one made it goes to the edge of the line where it was created. Perfect to be able to find later. It is there when the page is scrolled. Later all of the comments disappear and are only available from the side bar. Once it has been clicked there the whole series of comments come back to the pages where they were created. Have I missed something or is this the way things are supposed to work? Phil
  3. Hello Steve I have a project where I do free writing each day in a new chapter changing the manuscript file monthly. Normally I get things together a few days before the start of the month with a couple of chapters in place with sections in the new manuscript. This evening when I started the prepared October's manuscript the section index card was there but there was no # indicator. Adding a couple more sections did not bring the first section indicator there. Was able to resolve the issue by putting a section around the original one and then deleting the new ones. Ended up with a single section and an indicator as expected. Have noticed this once before but other than that can't remember much about that incident. Think it was when I started back with the new iPad. Phil
  4. Thanks for these. It is interesting seeing how someone else uses Storyist. Phil
  5. Hello The update normally takes a few days or more from the time it is submitted to go through Apple's system to be approved and appear in the App Store. I would imagine that in a few days it will appear. Phil
  6. Hello Fitch I can suggest is next time you want to start playing around and learning Outlining is to start a new blank project. That way you have less heartache if there is a problem renaming and saving will work as well like you suggested. Not sure why there was a problem trying to save the renamed file but have to guess that either Storyist or your computer got confused about something. I know this is sort of obvious but it makes life much easier if there is problems. Phil
  7. Hello M Very interesting article. Like the screen shots to help understand how things are done by others in their usage of Storyist. I assume that you are using a large sized monitor like Orren. Phil
  8. Hello Orren Thanks for the suggestions. Have been trying the split screen while setting up for the NaNo this year. Will give thought to the extra monitor when we get home in the spring. Not sure how much help it will be because I seem to move around for writing. If the weather is nice I write on the patio, if it is not so nice then I am at my desk. In the winter we live in a small motorhome in which space is at a premium so the AIR works perfectly and does not get in the way. Same thing applies about writing in different places either at the table or outside on a tiny table depending on how warm it is. Phil
  9. Hello Orren Good article. Looking at your screen shots I have to assume that you are using something larger than the 13" Macbook AIR that I use. One thing that plagues me when I get lots of things in the story is I end up scrolling up and down looking for things. Any suggestions. Phil
  10. Hello Steve I knew there was something I was missing. Did what you suggested and it worked. Was this tip in the manual and I missed it? Thanks Phil
  11. Hello I have been trying to get these working so I can track things. I have a way setup with using the outline running on a split screen that is working. When I try and get the built in Writing Goals to work no luck. I have sat down and done what the manual said with its settings and still nothing changes at all. All I ever get is 678 words done in this project, another one has only 4. It does not matter how many words I have written. In the first one there is over 30,000 words done and it still tells me there is 678, The second one has 1982 but only gives me 4 words done. Most of the stuff I do has more than 1 manuscript in it and I am wondering if there is some confusion with the Writing Goals because of this. If this is not the case could someone please point me in the right direction to get this feature working. Thanks Phil I have included a screen shot of the first one so you can see what I am talking about.
  12. Hello I am trying to set the style of font and spacing in the notes. Once the note is made I have no problems adjusting the font to be what I want. But each new note has to have this done over. Till I get this figured out I a separate manuscript setup which I keep notes in with one in each section for now. What I would like to to is change the font in the styles or a setting somewhere and have each new note reflect what I have set for a style and have the new notes with that style. There is most likely something I have missed but for the life of me can't find it. Thanks Phil
  13. Hello Steve. The"Selection Section" works. I guess that is another of those things I missed reading the manual. Note to self read the manual and not just skim it. Phil
  14. Hello I have started to use the Mac version of Storyist now that the Apple Gods favoured me with a new MacBook AIR. When I am working I have started to use a second manuscript to test out ideas with instead of messing with the original manuscript. Once I have finished and want to add it to the manuscript that has the story in I have to copy and paste. What would be great would be if you could just grab the section of test and move it into place. There could be something that allows you to be able to do this that I have missed, if that is the case could someone please let me know how. Thanks Phil
  15. Hello 1. I was able to complete the Nano contest with writing the whole novel on the iPad. This was my first try at the contest. Novel was crap but the experience was one of the most fulfilling I have ever had. You can't beat the portability. 2. Started to use a apple bluetooth keyboard a short while ago and found that it helped out by giving you more screen real estate. But you loose the automatic corrections built into iPads when you use any external keyboard with every app not just Storyist. Easier is a personal thing. 3. Can't answer that one. Phil
  16. Hello M Good post. I have to consider myself a Panster but you have made me rethink this way of working. Now I might have to learn another way of working. How I hate it when that happens. How much time did you spend setting everything up before starting to write or did you do bits of the novel while getting the outline together? Phil
  17. Hello M Thank you that was the answer I was looking for. I thought things would work that way but did not want to waste the time getting something going without some idea I had a chance it would work. Did not think of putting something in each note to give an idea what was in it to help the searching. You are brilliant. Another question along the same lines. Would you have a single Storyist project setup just for notes and ideas that way you would not have to remember where you had filed the notes? Thanks Phil
  18. Hello M Again I think my explanation of what I have in mind was poor. Examples: You see the name tag of the girl who makes your coffee. Make a note of it, then put it somewhere till you get to your iPad or Mac and enter it in. At a later date you are looking for names the search would find all the female names you have collected. When you decide to use the name, you then modify the note with where you had used it. You hear a couple of people talking while in line for your coffee. Make a quick note of their conversation and the follow the same procedure as above. Sitting the park having coffee, the colour of something or the sound of the wind in the leaves would get written down and follow the procedure above again. And so on. Before you ask, yes I like my coffee, mocha actually. I am Canadain after all, which means our national beverage of choice is hot liquids from Tim Hortons. If you ever get the chance coffee from Tims is a treat you should not miss. Back to the answer. I can see a point in the not too distanct future where I could end up with 100's of different little notes on many different topics. This is where I can see problems beginning. They would end up in an abiss never to be found again which kinda defeats the purpose of keeping notes in the first place. Never have tried this before, have always tried to keep things in my head. There is becoming too much and too many things that get noticed while living my daily life, so I want to start writing things down to give me a chance of remembering them and retrieving them. Thus the question in the first place. Hope that helps explain myself a little more. Sorry for the long winded answer. Phil
  19. Hello I am slowly getting to the point of starting to take notes when I am not writing. Like when out walking, having coffee, or even riding my bicycle. I was wondering what others use to keep track of notes they pickup while out and about. Also how you go about getting notes into a searchable format. I would like to use Storyist for this and before I spend hours setting something up is there any idea the more experinced of the readers of this form can put forward whether this is a good move or should I be looking at another app. It would be good if whatever I choose to use would work on both my iMac and iPad. Do most of the writing on the iPad but like to store things on the iMac for security in case something happens. Paranoid yes. It also needs to be searchable so I can find things again. Thanks Phil
  20. I had tried this on a novel not a script. Sorry for the inconvenience. Phil
  21. Hello I think this could be happening if the document is not edited in any way instead just read at least that is the way it seems to work for me. The way around the problem is to add a space where ever you leave off reading and then take the space out before closing the document. That should be enough of an edit to keep the place where you ended. It is a bit of a pain having to do this each time you read the document but it does work in the testing I did after reading the initial question by shawnge. Phil
  22. One of the most scary books to me was "The World Without Us" by, Alan Weisman. Information at http://www.worldwithoutus.com/index2.html. There was even some things I saw awhile ago on the TV that were based on this book. The detail it gave on what would happen to our institutions after the human race burns itself out is incredible. The whole book had the effect of making me rethink the way I live and what I spend money on. Phil
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