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  1. Great! Just to clarify: it only happens when editing 'in medias res', with text above and below the insertion point. For the rest: the more I use it, the more I like it! :-)
  2. First off, I think congratulations are in order. It appears you managed to create an entire new league for writing apps on the iPad. *Takes hat off and bows* I've been writing some 50 odd pages so far, with only one minor annoyance: when using typewriter scrolling (an absolute must on the iPad -- I've been misusing iA Writer's focus mode for this so far) with an Apple Keyboard Dock, sometimes small hiccups occur when the text shifts to a new line, as if the page has to 'resettle'. Would it be at all possible to smoothen this out somewhat over time? I've rated Storyist 5 stars in iTunes and will move most of my work your app next week -- looking forward to submitting it to some heavy use. :-)
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