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  1. Hi all, Does Storyist have the ability to include internal links between reference numbering and the actual reference listing at the end of the document (when exporting to ePub) yet? Paul
  2. When I export to ePub my formatting breaks down because the left indents don't hold up. How can I get indents to work in ePub document? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi, I've placed some jpeg images into my drop box. When I attempt to import them into my project the files names are faded and I can't import them. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Paul
  4. Thanks Steve, Do you know if there are plans to enable the iPad app to export to ePub and kindle? Being on the road, could I email my completed iPad Storyist manuscript to an apple laptop ( with Storyist installed) and publish to ePub and kindle from there? Thanks for your help Paul
  5. Hello, I'm quite new to Storyist and am considering purchasing the Storyist App for my iPad2. I'm constantly on the road this year so the iPad is my primary vehicle for my current manuscript. I want to submit my manuscript for publication in the Apple ibook store and via Kindle (amazon). Can the Storyist iPad app take my manuscript all the way including exporting into the correct formats and submission to apple and kindle (amazon)? Thanks guys Paul
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