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  1. Hi Steve - Its working well so far... just a few things I would like to see...forgive me if they have already been mentioned. 1. I accidentally deleted the numeral sign in the text portion that presumably indicates the section index card. Yikes, it deleted the card. When I hit undo...it replaced it with a new card, and I lost the notes on the index card. HELP! Anyway to make the undo button bring back the actual card. 2. I have found at least 10 misspelled words. The great thing about the red underline is that at least I would be able to spot a potential misspelled word...and decide wether the spelling is correct. I have to go back and reread all of what I have done, just in case. Potentially this could be a deal killer for me. I really need classic spell check. Don't get me wrong, I love auto correct, but the accuracy rate is not running high for me right now. 3. I would love the subsections on the index card to show in the text. Not sure what you would call this feature, but it would be great, after spending all the time working with the index cards, not to have to retype into the text. 4. I vote for word count...its a must for writers who gauge their daily success based on it. Also, it would be great to track against a goal. 5. Can we get it to talk to Pages without going through iTunes? You already answered this on another forumn, I would just like to vote for it. 6. It would be great to see a partnership with self pub site like blurb or lulu, where you could easily download and manipulate. I am hoping to solely work out of this iPad app. I would love not to have to transfer it to a PC in order to publish. Thanks! That's it so far. Amie
  2. Thanks for your blazing fast response... I use pages on my ipad2. I don't have a MAC....I know...gasp! So does pages for IPad also export an RTF file that can be used by Storyist? If not...can you copy and paste into a new Storyist file?
  3. I am teaching a class and am putting together a text book. I would like to use Storyist but need to know if there are any self publishing sites...like Lulu or Blurb that will work easily with the site. Has anyone used a self pub site successfully with Storyist? Any tips if so? Thanks, Amie
  4. Does anyone know how to transfer Pages files into Storyist? I tried exporting all three choices...PDF, pages, word formats through the dropbox...but none would import. It would be great if it could, especially without having to go through iTunes. Thanks, Amie
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