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  1. Hey Steve, I just ran a test on a fake fountain document (just a few little scenes typed up with various elements). No problem importing and exporting with fountain through Storyist. I think my earlier problem resulted from tweaking a bunch of format settings within Storyist. I tried to make the styles look the way I like (ie. bold scene headings, no underline). When I exported, I think that's when this excess styling caused excess fountain garbage. Any way you could let a writer work within a fountain document viewing with preferred style, but then export with this style "stripped?" That would be very helpful in workflows involving multiple apps. Thanks for your work!
  2. A follow-up... Seems there are other redundancies. Headings are bolded with asterisks (this happens automatically in fountain format after a hashtag). I'd strongly urge Storyist to simplify and get rid of these extra bits of code. Thanks
  3. Check out the Highland app for Mac. It can translate a pdf into fountain, then you can open in storyist.
  4. I'm experimenting with writing in fountain on Storyist. My first attempt at an export after tweaking a fountain doc resulted in a bunch of extra periods (.) following every scene heading. I understand how this makes some sense, as the period forces the scene heading style. But the beginning of a line with EXT. or INT. also forces this style. It's redundant and cluttered to add extraneous characters. Can you explore removing this, or explain the rationale behind it? Thanks!
  5. FYI -- I was having a style formatting issue, and searched the term "style" in the forums. It brought up an error message saying that the term "style" was not allowed as a search term. That's not real helpful.
  6. I imported a fountain script into Storyist for iPad, and tried to edit the Heading 1 and Heading 2 color/font/spacing. In "edit style," I had no trouble doing this, and it showed up correctly in the document. However, when I closed out to the documents list and then returned to the script I'd edited, all changes were gone. The script had reverted to the default styles. I tried a workaround, "replacing styles" with new ones that reflected the changes I wanted made. When I hit "save edit styles" (or whatever, can't remember exact title), Storyist crashed. When I rebooted, all style changes again had been erased, returned to default. I'm really hoping to crack this problem, as it would make working with fountain documents and their outline structure so much more visually clear. In the default, it becomes hard to discern the difference between an action line and a Heading. Thanks for any help!
  7. Thanks for rooting out my (oddly specific) problem with the FDX file, Steve. I was using red as a color for "general" style, for easier viewing of notes. Changing that to black seems to have solved my problem. Look forward to the bug fix in the next version!
  8. Thanks Steve. I just emailed the crash info you requested. As you'll see, I do have some "low memory" crash logs, along with "storyist" crash logs. But strangely, I've tried to run Storyist with very few other apps open, and still the app crashes. Can a single other app hog the entirety of the iPad's memory? Hope we can get to the bottom of this!
  9. I am using the Storyist iPad app to edit a Final Draft .fdx file saved to my dropbox "Storyist" folder. After about 5 minutes of use, the app crashes and I lose my work. I thought this might be related to dropbox auto-sync, so I disabled that. When I copied the file from dropbox and worked on the copy, the crashing persisted. I hard-reset my iPad and retested. Still crashed. I deleted the Storyist app from the iPad and reinstalled it from the App store. Still crashed. Help!
  10. I'm new to Storyist, and am trying to get a lay of the land. Just wondering if there's a "dual dialog" function in the Screenwriting mode, like you'd find in Final Draft. Basically, two blocks of dialog on the left and right of the page, as two characters are speaking over each other. I use this feature a lot in my scripts. If the feature doesn't exist yet, consider this a request! Thanks
  11. Just discovered Storyist, and I'm loving its potential! The iPad app and FDX support suddenly skyrocket it ahead of Scrivener for my needs. I use Dropbox as file storage whenever possible, but have run into trouble with certain file types. Scrivener files, iPhoto, and a few other "packages" masquerading as single files don't sync correctly in Dropbox. I guess the individual blocks of data that make up the whole file don't necessarily sync simultaneously, and there's a great chance of data loss. Scrivener recommends syncing locally to your computer, then backing up compressed disk images of your project to Dropbox (since these images are viewed as a single file in Dropbox, they don't get corrupted on sync). So, please set my mind at ease... Is there any issue with file corruption using .story files with Storyist on Dropbox? I'd like to sync with confidence back and forth from iPad to Desktop! Thanks much
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