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  1. It is not only comfortable to sync, it is safer in case I might loose the device. I want it! But suppose I am a journalist with sensitive information e.g. information stating that president Obama was born in Indonesia. I do not care if it is the Democrats or the Republicans sending out spiders on the net or if it is CIA, NSA, Homeland Security or whatever. You have heard of Echelon and Watergate? I do not feel safe until I have an encryption with my password. Encrypting the stuff before sending it anywhere. Hardware encryption is not safe, just faster then encrypting with software. Your next president could be a J. Edgar Hoower, Joseph McCarty or Adolf Hitler! Then what?
  2. With a growing interest for saving to the cloud the question of keeping the information safe also becomes increasingly important. It is not only employees that might be snooping around. There is also "Big Brother" watching you, not to mention the possibility of industrial espionage. Any professional writing app must have an encryption sub routine. I would really like to see the text beeing encrypted in my Storyist projects rather then trusting someone claiming the text is somehow protected in the cloud. This means that Storyist must support uploading manually to Dropbox, iCloud etc. (1 encrypt, 2 upload).
  3. I only need the Tab, so why not move around the buttons and then push it all outside of the screen as much as you like?
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