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  1. thanks for the tip. But that seems like a gapping hole of a missing feature...
  2. Are there plans for adding an easy way to generate incremental iterations (versions, drafts) of a screenplay etc? v001, v002, v003? At the moment I am handling this by doing a copy/paste of the entire script in to a new empty document. Am I missing something? Thank you, HL PS: Great program. I'm really glad that Storyist came along for the iPad.
  3. Thanks, that did the trick. I did not have Scriptspro installed but Celtix and two other screenwriting programs. thanks again HL
  4. I'm trying to export a fdx file from my iPad via email, but all emails are received without content. Oddly enough sending a rtf or txt version via email is not a problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem or am I doing something wrong? I am using the latest version of Storyist and iOS. thanks in advance
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