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  1. I hope the glass-enclosed elevator is a reality soon. I wish they could put in a temporary ramp until then. Without one or the other, many people won't have access. W
  2. No very forward thinking of them and a barrier for all those folks who need the ramps. Let's hope they change it. W
  3. Thanks for the info, Orren. I'm embarrassed to say that I've never heard of either Marshall. It's sad when a person dies, especially when he/she has added so much to each of our lives. W
  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Marguerite! It's great you're getting to write on your birthday and not having to do work work. W
  5. Anytime, M. T-How did you do that? -W (who feels awfully dumb not to be able to figure these things out)
  6. Best of luck to TAS and Marguerite. I saw a billboard the other day and I thought it might be appropriate. It HAS a picture of Abraham Lincoln with the caption "Failed, failed, failed. And then... PERSISTENCE" -W PS-I was trying to insert the image but it I couldn't get it to work for me.
  7. HWelcome, CPD. I agree with Marguerite. No problems using Storyist in Lion at all. -Whirlybird
  8. Great ideas, T. Ironbark, here's a thought. Leave a little tissue on your moon rock and claim it's from some creature from outer space. You'll either get lots more money or a room in Bellevue State Hospital in the psych ward. If you're afraid it'll be the latter, then maybe you shouldn't chance it. Your hospital experience is definitely wonderful info for a story. -W
  9. Hi Ironbark, so glad you are now moon rock free and are looking at a full recovery. Don't be putting out any ads concerning your healthy kidney (except here) or you might find yourself losing while using public transportation. Oh, and Just Say No. -W
  10. At least the Judge used the correct word. And thank you for not judging me. -W
  11. Unfortunately you're right about J&J. They can find their own hill without any help from us. Never mine the heavy duty soap, I'm happy the way it is. -W
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