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  1. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  2. HOOORAY!!!!! for you!!!!!! i really want a shirt
  3. LOL, no we ate and i managed just fine Thoth, IT'S A SHOUTING OCCASION!!! Thanks Orren! *waves*
  4. *drum roll, please!* *bows and tosses roses to audience*
  5. passed on on Monday http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/11/23/anne-mccaffrey-dragonriders-of-pern-author-dies/?mod=google_news_blog i admit i was weepy...oh how i LOVE Dragonriders...my 2009 NaNo is a fan fiction based on Pern
  6. almost to 40K i guess i'll have to make the turkey AFTER the Parade, naturally i love the names we all come up with; they really are part of us, aren't they?
  7. broke 30K!!!! now is when it really flows out! darn Thanksgiving cooking
  8. i though i posted it here...must have been elsewhere Q is my MacBook because he knows all, is slightly intimifating and you just never know what he'll come up with Data is my phone since he's handy, can tell me anything at any time and he tends to correct his own spelling
  9. LOL, Thoth! almost Whirly, thanks, i have contemplated going to classes...the store nearest me is a half hour...maybe for my birthday
  10. yes that is exactly their names...i think i posted about them in my intro thread
  11. i am ROLLING here! oh my gosh, the background music!!!!! all are running fine...and getting back to my NaNo on Monday
  12. BUT i still have Q!!! Wednesday morning as i was rushing around to get ready for Bible study, i spilled my WHOLE glass of OJ onto my MacBook and iPhone i am completely convinced that iPhones are indestructable, although Data has never been totally submerged in a bucket (or toilet or anything else) Q has a few sticky keys, but he's up and running fine with the exception of having lost my open NaNo story...but i have it posted on another writing forum i'm part of i am now disallowed any food and drink by Q per my family it's been a few scary days!
  13. Thanks Thoth, i'll look at that pages there's a reason i named my MacBook Q and my phone Data
  14. or just highlight what you want to quote then click on that speech bubble
  15. thanks Thoth...sometimes i wonder why i have a $2K lap top that i don't know that much about i'll play around a bit with iWork/iPhoto but so far i haven't had much success
  16. AppleWorks? What's that? do tell i have Snowleopard OSX and iPhoto doesn't do much "fun" editing stuff i've looked around on the App site and nothing free looks like it would work yes, sadly i find Photoshop very complicated...i told you i am techie inept i have very very willing friends who helped me with my cover and interior illustrations but i'd really like to learn a simple program to do it myself
  17. LOL, i don't mind and now i am wildly envious that you went to the CIA, Whirly...was it absolutely wonderful???? *sighing deeply*
  18. okay...i like that... and i can add nice font for the titles and if i need a text box on the back i can make it opaque so i can add my back matter and converts to PDF so i can upload to Create Space but nothing complicated like GIMP, Photoshop and all that...i need it like Paint simple
  19. so far, i'm having a grand old time playing with Storyist! if it had a feature to make book covers, i'd be in hog heaven VERY VERY simple, user friendly features to make covers...yup
  20. Oh, my son has Scouts tonight (one is sick and staying home with dad) so I have 2 hours to sit and play with no interruptions
  21. Oh man, Steve, just boot me from the forums now Okay, tragedy averted for now...reloaded the correct version and now I'll spend my 2 hours at Scouts transferring my stuff and playing around a bit...because I am not NaNo cheating you know
  22. Okay, now I am more confused! :lol: I scooted on over to the NaNo board and the thread says this: You’ll find more information on these and other features on the Storyist site at http://storyist.com/nanowrimo. There you can download a special NaNoWriMo trial version that will let you use Storyist for Mac for free throughout November (and into December). So...did I download the wrong trial version? (I warned you all in my intro that I am a technological car accident waiting to happen)
  23. I haven't even gotten to play yet and my 15 days are up! Why did i think it was free till December???? *Barb looks under cushions and on the sidewalk for loose change*
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