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  1. Hi. Need some advice on setting up my main manuscript. I would like to see following: left hand side (pinned) my outline/note cards, right hand side my document. However seems a bit, well hokey, that right now, before I have written a word, I got my note cards on the left and a document that contains only # symbols on the right. Perhaps this is just the way it is, but I'm kind of concerned that when I start writing I'm gonna mess up and delete # symbols, skip them, etc. moreover, right now just got a bunch of outlined plot points so I got 1 chapter and about 20 # symbols. Is this the way it is? If so, maybe someway to relate an outline doc to the main manuscript doc or lock sections down.
  2. Ok another related question on index card view...I have text doc in the notebook folder. On my iPad I use that as a notecard/outline but, when I pull up my project on the Mac, this file does not want to show as storyboard. Am I don't something wrong?
  3. Steve, is there anyway to set a document to always open in this outline/notecard view? For example, I have a "scene list" document, but it always opens as a text field which I then have to go through the steps you list to view it in outline (left hand side) and note cards (right hand) side. Would be nice to have a way to tell it this is the default way I want to see this document
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