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  1. I would really like this feature as well. When I was tinkering around with the index cards, I actually didn't like the fact that they were linked. I would much rather prefer that they were also standalone so that I could have my own notes and ideas visible as I write my script, regardless of the section I am currently working on. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, CorStellae for another great workaround! Works perfectly!
  3. Thanks Steve for the quick reply - that is great news and I'll look forward to the update! And thanks for the tip - I know Printopia won't work for me, but I'll look into whether or not there are PC alternatives.
  4. Hi. I was wondering if there could possibly be an Export as PDF function integrated into Storyist for iPad? I had followed a previous post about a workaround using the AirPrint feature and SavetoPDF, but now with iOS 5, this ability has been disabled. For me, this was a vital feature because I found the formatting of my scripts when I exported as RTF or TXT very hard to read (all the spacing was gone, text shifted to the left instead of centered). 'Printing' to PDF saved the presentation exactly as I wanted and I was able to comfortably share the script with my co-workers. I don't own a Mac so I can't export it to another program to convert it to a format I need. I would really love to keep using this software because of the brilliant organization features built in, but if I can't present a 'usable' script at the end, I may have little choice. I know that the Celtx mobile app has the ability to email as PDF, so I'm hoping something like this would be possible with Storyist. Thank you, afterThought
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