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  1. Has anyone come up with a good way to use Storyist with either Grammarly or Grammarian? I have tried the "copy clipboard" method and I cannot get either of these to write back to Storyist. -t
  2. I'm not seeing any issues like that, but I do get delays and what feels like memory leaks after long writing sessions. I have to quit and restart to get Storyist back to the snappy performance I and used to. My manuscripts are large... The latest is 177,000 words.
  3. I have a need to include some simple tables, really just lists with multiple columns. Any way to do this in Storyist? (null)
  4. thewitt


    Did the ability to create Lists go away? I'm running v3.1.1 on the Mac and there is no list formatting for text. Am I imagining this or did it exist in a previous version? On a related note, can I edit the "raw" file beneath the text edit window? I have several lists in the text that I cut and pasted into Storyist, and they are just stuck. I can add things to the list if I type more elements, and I can delete them, but I can't change from bullets to numbers, etc. Thanks, -t
  5. Though I would love to see integration between the two, I think a brainstorming session on what that means would be interesting. What I do today manually is to define events in Aeon Timeline and then tie participants to these events if they are involved. I use it to help me pull together different arcs in the story and make sure people, places and things align. I'm not real certain what I want this integration to look like, but I don't believe I would want it altering either my story or my timeline directly.
  6. You expect your editor to also work in Storyist? When it's time for me to send my book to an editor, I export to RTF, pull it into Open Office and save as DOC. When I get the recommended changes back, I manually apply them in Storyist if I agree with them. My editor will never work in anything but Word. I won't write in Word...
  7. I renamed the old Storyist folder and then using the iCloud import function on the iPad I pulled in the story files and now I can see the Storyist folder from both machines no problem.
  8. Never mind. I renamed the folder and then I was able to see into it from the iPad. Once I imported a file to the iPad, I was able to see into that folder from the Mac. It appears that having a folder named Storying on my iCloud drive messed things up.... -t
  9. I don't understand how to set up iCloud syncing between my iPad and my Mac. I have a folder in my iCloud Drive called Storyist that I created, but my iPad cannot see the files in there. Storyist has created a folder on my iCould Drive called Storyist (that I can see from the website) that my Mac cannot see. What am I doing wrong? -t
  10. I received an update from the developer, and not only is it still active, he in in beta now with a version that fully integrates with the OSX spelling and grammar checker, so it will automatically work with Storyist! I'll be testing soon. -t
  11. The last version shipped in October 2014. I just dropped them a note, but I believe they are still active. I'll let you know what they say. -t
  12. I believe Grammarian is the leading grammar checking software on the Mac platform. Any chance of integration? I've been running my chapters through it one at a time, and I find the suggestions it makes are far superior to the built in checking in OSX. -t
  13. It would be nice if Find and Replace supported case sensitive searches and full word searches as options.
  14. I export to RTF to save the special formatting, like embedded Letter styles. RTF will preserve the intending, margins, etc. I save as DOC and upload to D2D, then download an ePub because it will take things like my imbedded letters and make BLOCKQUOTES out of them, with nearly correct CSS sheets preserving the formatting for the ePub. I could skip this step if Storyist let me add CSS sheets directly to the manuscript and saved them when exporting to ePub. I might be able to skip this step and add them directly in Sigil, however I've not tried that yet. The D2D ePub is still not exactly what I want. The TOC is never right and the front and back matter need adjustments, so I pull the ePub into Sigil to make these changes. In addition, SmashWords wants some things in their ePub, and will reject if there are purchasing links to other online stores etc, so I have more than one version of the final ePub The "Kindle" version of the ePub gets exported to MOBI format. The only thing that is different in that version are purchase links for the other books as specific Kindle links, and not simply a link back to my website. Last, CreateSpace cannot seem to deal with formatting my book from the DOC file correctly, so I've found that using their template and massaging the formatting directly, then saving this as a PDF results in a more predicable end result. There really must be an easier way to do this... In my simple mind, I see all of this possible within Storyist... with the following changes. 1) Let me embed my own CSS into Storyist to go along with Styles I create. With this change, I can have specific front and back matter pages for the various online retailers that fit their requirements, and specify these files in my Export Presets 2) TOC manipulation. Let me tweak the TOC within Storyist so I don't have to use Sigil to generate a new one. The Storyist TOC never seems to pass the ePubValidator directly. 3) Support Export to ODT with all of the style changes supported. I don't believe I can use Storyist to generate a CreateSpace formatted PDF, so I still think that will have to be done with their template loaded into OpenOffice and then chapter by chapter manipulation. This is the most painful of the editing processes however, and somehow should not be... Anyway, here's my process end to end. What should I be doing differently?
  15. I'm working on getting my second novel ready for release, and I've found I really don't have a good process. I was hoping that some of you might be able to assist me in cleaning things up. I need the following formats for self-publication. ePub Mobi PDF I have not found that a DOC file submitted to Draft2Digital, SmashWords or CreateSpace gives me a suitable result. Here's my process today. I write in Storyist, which I love, on my Mac and my iPad. This file is my "Master" for my book. I then go through these steps.... 1) Export to RTF 2) Import into OpenOffice and save as a DOC file 3) Upload to Draft2Digital * 4) Download the D2D ePub 5) Load into Sigil, fine tune - mostly CSS changes, front and back matter adjustments 6) Save a Generic ePub * 7) Save a SmashWords specific ePub * 8) Save as MOBI 9) Load a CreateSpace template into OpenOffice and load from Sigil Generic ePub * 10) Edit and save as CreateSpace PDF Ugh... I now have properly formatted ePub, Mobi and PDF files, but it was painful to get here. I would like only one Master source file, but with all these steps in the preparation for publication process, I really have multiple files I can update if the change is small. A small change takes less time to update in several places than it does to regenerate these files. The files that have become "publishing masters are" Original Storyist Source Generic ePub edited in Sigil SmashWords specific ePub OpenOffice OTD file for CreateSpace PDF I also have 10% ePubs for use with SmashWords and any other site that allows me to upload a sample - like GoodReads. These have links in the backmatter to buy the book. There really has to be a better way. I just did six small updates to my first novel and edited all of the "Master" files.... It felt very wrong and prone to error. I know Storyist is not a tool for creating documents directly suitable for publishing, but it could be... Why so many steps? I'll answer in a reply to this post....
  16. I'm not really sure where there is an OpenOffice - ODT - format for Export today. It does not preserve any formatting you you just get a dump of the words you wrote into an ODT file. I'm currently struggling with my second novel on how to go from Storyist to something publishable, and found that this export is really not useful as is... What I would like is an Export that let's me pick the files I want to export in the order intended, and which then creates a formatted output file in OpenOffice - ONE FILE - with my book exported into a usable format. I can always ask right ?
  17. In the released version Steve. I've only spot-checked the beta. I'll load it up with a full project this afternoon and see if I can recreate it in the beta. -Tim
  18. I have now seen the issue #1 reported here. It's odd, in that it doesn't show up until after I edit for a while - adding new chapters. I've attached two screenshots from my iPad. The first one is as far down as I can select in my Chapter list... The last Chapter is visible when I scroll, but then "springs back" when I stop scrolling and try to select it. The second image simply captures the screen from a forced scroll-down showing the last chapter. Nothing fancy in the project. It happens in two separate projects, so I don't think it's project related.
  19. You might need to delete Storyist and download it again from the App Store. Make sure your projects are saved somewhere first.
  20. No longer a priority for me, but it might still be interesting longer term I've abandoned Blurb as an outlet as it won't accept a book of my page count....
  21. Is there any way to export each chapter into its own rtf file? I'm trying to import into BookWrite and struggling a bit. (null)
  22. I use the iPad version of Storyist every day. My last novel was 270,000 words, and it worked beautifully. My current work is at 60,000 words and I still have no issues whatsoever. I was not able to reproduce your issues above. I cannot answer your questions. I can tell you that the Beta of the next release for iPad has been sent out, so there will be an update shortly, but I only know that because I was a beta tester for an earlier release and am still on the mailing list. I can also tell you that to open a support ticket, you should follow the instructions on the website in the Support area. I've posted them for you here. Support Tickets If you have a specific question and would like to open a support ticket, please send mail to support@storyist.com. Good luck. I have always found the author to be quick to respond to support requests. -t
  23. Though I understand that Storyist is not intended to be a full featured eBook formatting product, I find it almost everything I need, with just a couple minor exceptions. The most interesting of these to me would be the ability to add CSS elements to my eBook ZIP file by including them in my project files. Today I have only a couple of custom defined CSS elements. One of them is for "Letters" and I've created a style for it. When I embed a letter into the text I want it to be indented, a different font and italic. I do that in Storyist with it's own style and that words great. When I export the book I have to manually break apart the ePub zip file and edit the CSS sheet adding my adjustments. It would be outstanding if Storyist did that by itself based on my style within Storyist, however I know that's asking alot. A workable alternative would be for Storyist to allow me to add a CSS file in the project where I could add my elements and they would be included in the resulting zip file for me.
  24. Glad the sync is working... I know I would be nuts if my work did not sync. I do about half my creative work on the iPad and the heavy lifting on the Mac so I'm constantly syncing back and forth.
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