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  1. Hi, and thanks. Very nice to know I'm not alone or crazy. I requested this once ages ago on the Scrivener forum, to resounding uninterested shrugs. Everyone was like, 'Why would you want that?' I was really bemused. It is the single feature I most pine for in any word processing software or app, and has been for many years. Eventually you can imagine it getting more sophisticated, looking for shared roots too - 'You typed "insinuated", then "insinuate", then "insinuatory" in three successive paragraphs', for e.g. - but right now simple repetition would be a start. I fall in love with particular words for particular projects and grossly overuse them, and despite my attempts to police it in the editing, some always slip through. This would be an immense help.
  2. Apologies if this is a dumb question, I did RTFM and couldn't find (or missed) the answer. The workspace view of the text editing window defaults always to page layout view, with visible breaks etc at the end of each page, headers, etc. I actually find that kind of distracting: is there a way to turn that view off, and just have normal rolling text, then turn on page layout view at other times to check how it's looking? NB, the same question applies to the Mac version. EDIT: I'm an idiot, I've seen how to do it on the Mac, but still can't work out how to do it on the iPad, if i can. If this option isn't available, could I please add it as a feature request on iPad?
  3. Great app and software. I've asked this feature of just about every novel-writing ware I've ever used: surely I'm not the only one who'd like it, am I? When I finish pieces, I realise my problem is that sometimes words are repeated in uncomfortable proximity. I realise this would be a big ask, but could you program some feature whereby you could set the parameters for what counts as 'proximity' - 100, 200 words, whatever - and that the program could, excluding of course words like 'and', 'but', 'said', and others you might teach it, like character names, tell you, 'ok, you've repeated the word 'salmagundi' twice within 500 words', so you could nix your own repetitions.
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