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  1. Hi Marguerite, That did the trick! Thank you very much. One note though, the "T" button is hard to see in the dark app theme. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks again, James
  2. I have been using the outline view more in preparation for writing a new manuscript. It would be nice if we could make the text larger in the outline view, especially with the summary text which is tiny. I think that it would make this feature/tool more usable. Would anyone else find this helpful?
  3. Sorry I didn't investigate this thoroughly. I do see under the View menu, Customize Status Bar. I switched the center bit of information to my Daily Word Count.
  4. When I'm writing I often find new characters or locations being introduced to my story. I'm always torn whether or not I should stop and create a new character or location sheet, or just keep on writing. I would rather just keep on writing. I think it would be nice while writing to be able to first select some text and use either the popup menu or a key command to create a quick Character or Location Sheet without breaking the flow of writing. The character or location sheet can later be filled out in more detail. Good idea? Bad idea?
  5. On the Status View module that can be added to the Toolbar, I don't find the (Insert Tab - Insert Return) thing too helpful. It would be nicer to see the daily word count there. I often click the 'Show Goal Information' button to check where I'm at during a session of writing. Having the daily word count up top would save me from clicking the button, unless I needed more in depth information. Would anyone else find this helpful?
  6. While writing, where ever the cursor is in one's manuscript, it would be nice if the corresponding section was highlighted in the Project view. I think this would help with navigating one's manuscript. I often refer to the Project View as my bird's eye view of my entire novel. Also when doing a search, it would be nice to highlight all the sections in the Project view where the search word(s) were found. Would anyone else find one or both of these helpful?
  7. Hi Steve, Yes Storyist is active. Another odd thing is under the View menu 'Hide Inspector' is displayed. Since I use mostly the key commands, I have to do that twice to get the Inspector panel to come back. Thanks, James
  8. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. When I have Storyist open with the inspector panel visible, and then launch Safari (set to full screen mode), when I quit Safari and the system returns me to Storyist, the inspector is no longer visible. If I do a three finger swipe to the utilities panel it appears for a few seconds, when I swipe back to Storyist it's gone. Here's my setup ... Storyist 2.4.1 Mac OS 10.7.4
  9. Thanks Steve. The more I think about it, it might be best to have it as a preference setting. Then you would not have to set it for each new document. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks, J
  10. Hi, It would be nice if the Inspector window would reappear when I launch Storyist. I always have it open and find that I have to keep reopening it every time I launch the program. Also it would be nice if its settings stayed intact. For example under the 'Inspect writing goals' tab, you can choose to view the number counts either going up or down. Typically I set my goal to say 2,000 words and have it set to 'Display Remaining Words'. But again when I relaunch the program it defaults back to 'Display Words'. Anyway I think it would be great if Storyist saved these settings on a per document basis, or at the very least in general. Thanks, J
  11. Hi, Can anyone please recommend any editorial services that they have had success with? I found the 2nd Draft Critique Service provided by Writer's Digest. They charge $3 per page with a 50 page minimum requirement to use the service. Has anyone used this service? Thx.
  12. Hi Steve, Thanks. Yeah I ended up merging both RTFs in Word then saving them as a single RTF. Would be nice though, if Storyist could handle this. best, James
  13. How can I export my story to a single RTF to include both the title page and manuscript pages? Thanks
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