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  1. Hello Steve, I noticed that any formatting and/or change of color on the index cards aren't saved. Say you write some sentences on separate lines, or change a card to blue, for example, when you reopen storyist it's not saved. I'm using an iPad pro with iCloud sync. This wasn't a problem before so wondering what may be the cause. Thanks!
  2. Congrats Steve for completely blowing Final Draft out of the water with your products. You've really put them to shame! You should take a nice vacation now that 2.0 is out, but just a couple of requests that I think would make it even better! 1. In screenplay mode, the tab function works great, but pressing enter doesn't automatically include scene headings, and pressing tab after doesn't include DAY, NIGHT, etc... or am I missing something? 2. Is there a way to sync the scene outlines with the scene navigator "title" section in Final Draft? I don't even use final draft anymore unless I absolutely have to (collaboration with others), but having the notes on the cards sync under the title section in navigator would be helpful. 3. Any chance for page numbers in the iphone version? 4. It seems that touching a scene heading in the script does't take you to the index card anymore, and vica versa. This used to work in the previous version. Again not sure if i've missed something. Again, you've done just a terrific job with this. I'll spread the word
  3. Here's a feature request regarding Storyist (ipad) and Final Draft. When syncing between the two, the scene colours and summary are preserved in both fdx and storyist, which is great- but the summary is no longer visible in FDX in the navigator under "title". Instead, you have to double click it to access it, which makes it harder to organise. So titles aren't preserved. Would be great to have this feature!
  4. Also, I've noticed another issue. Whenever I change the page setup of an imported fdx file on the iPad to A4, upon reopening the file it goes back to US letter. And I'm also not able to use the tab function anymore. Please help!
  5. First I want to say what a great app you've made. But I have a couple of issues regarding final draft compatibility. 1. When I import an fdx file, the coloured outlines/summary appear in storyist (iPad), but when I edit it in storyist and sync it, then open back in final draft, the attributes are gone in final draft (no color or summary) but remain in storyist!. Is there a way to maintain this in both apps? 2. There is a bit of a page difference between both. Maintaining page integrity is really key. Any way to keep it the same? I tried to change the line spacing by selecting all and changing it, but when I close storyist and reopen it revers to the previous line spacing. Anything solution for this? 3. When connecting a keyboard, the tab function works perfectly fine when starting a fresh storyist file. But when I use it with an imported fdx file it doesn't work. Any way to solve this with an imported file? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. That's awesome. I love the iPad version. It's a dream for screenwriters.
  7. Hello. Just wanted to check if the ipad Storyist version will get retina support? Hope so! Thanks
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