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  1. I love your app, and have left a 5 star rating for it. Thanks for the reply on Twitter. Adding a 'Replace All" button in the find and replace would be a great feature to speed up editing. This would probably need an alert for "Are you sure you want to Replace All? This cannot be undone." but it would speed editing up when you need to change the same name or word in dozens of places. And thanks for having the cursor keys on top of the keyboard. It really makes typing easier and faster - so much so that I no longer bother with an external keyboard. The onscreen keyboard is almost as fast for me with those cursor keys. I wonder if it would be possible to use the onscreen iOS shift key and cursor keys in combination to select letters, words, or paragraphs. i.e. holding down the shift key and hitting the cursor key selects one letter at a time. Once an entire word is selected, continuing to hit the cursor key would start selecting additional entire words. If an entire paragraph is selected, then continuing to hit the cursor key while holding the shift key would start selecting entire paragraphs, etc. Thanks for a great app!
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