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  1. I don't even necessarily need a print feature directly from the iPad. Just allow us to email for back up, and we can then print later and from another computer if needed. You say exporting this information is on the list? Exporting to email? (Not all of us have MACs. )
  2. I'm trying to insert a simply photo and it is not working. Well, the photo inserts... but -every-single-time it is half hidden off of the page and has like a four inch gap between it and the rest of the text. Not only this, but when I send the document as an email, the recipient doesn't get the picture, only text indicating that there should be a picture. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  3. 1 year, to write 4 books... Oh, yeah. It's on!

  4. The index cards are well fleshed out and are a great help. The problem... is that they can't be printed. This worries me because I plotted my novel out using them and am now worried that something will happen to my APP or Ipad before my actual writing has caught up with those index cards and it'll all be lost. I have been told it's a feature on MAC. But I'd like it a feature on my IPAD
  5. WOW! I just realized how helpful that would be. Terrific request.
  6. Absolutely terrific idea. Autocrit.com offers a great resource for this, but it is a charged service. A couple of those features, like repetitive word usage, should be a free thing in my opinion.
  7. I too would like to be able to lock sections of Storyist so others using my IPad can't access it.
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