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  1. I'd like to be able to highlight a piece of text and mark it "Hidden" so that it's not displayed in the main flow, but the text isn't deleted from the manuscript. It's like non-destructive delete. This would be really handy when you think you might want to cut a whole paragraph or section. Rather than cutting it and saving it elsewhere and having to remember where it belongs (or that there was actually text there before), it would just live in the background and you could turn it back on whenever you wanted. The text could be marked with an icon like the Comment or Bookmark icons and un-hidden by clicking the icon. Best, Nick
  2. What's the purpose of the start- and end time fields on section sheets? Do they refer to the timeline of the story? If so, are these times tracked anywhere? I'd love it if they were. I've been looking for a good timeline app to keep track of my various overlapping character storylines but nothing seems to work the way I need it to. If Storyist could keep track of how sections overlap in time, I would be ecstatic. Thanks, Nick
  3. For reasons I'll not go into, I sometimes work on files saved on my mobileme iDisk (not the local copy of the iDisk). It can take some time to perform a save over the Internet, and while that's going on, any characters I type don't appear. They all come out in a spurt when the save completes and I type another character. This can be disruptive, especially when it happens during an auto-save. If there were some visual indication that a save was in progress, like a progress bar, it would be less disconcerting when all of a sudden my characters stopped appearing on the page. The one used in Acrobat is a good example. By the way, LOVE full screen mode. Thanks
  4. The name of one of my chapters doesn't appear in the Project pane in the Documents section. Other behavior: 1. When I click on it, it jumps to the right chapter in the ms. 2. When I try to rename it, it doesn't stick. 3. When I right-click for options it says "add to '(null)'" (see screenshot) Storyist 2.1.2, Leopard 10.5.8, iBook G4
  5. I trade printed pages of my novel with a small writing group every week. The piece I give my group is almost always defined by sections, meaning they don't ever see just part of a section. Of course, when I print a page range, I also have to print the end of the section before and the beginning of the section after. It would be great if I could build a print job from sections, especially if the sections didn't have to be connected. So if I had Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E I could choose to print only B and D so that B started at the top of the first page and D ended nothing but white space at the end. I'm sure workshoppers the world over would appreciate such a feature. When the rest of the world is still copying and pasting into a new document, Storyist users will already be getting feedback. Thanks
  6. I was working on my novel earlier, wrote about 1000 words or so, saving all the while and now, when I open my novel, there is absolutely no content in the file. All of the panes are empty and rather than the name of the file being at the top of the window, it just says "Window." Between my last save and now I've uninstalled the developer tools from my computer and updated a couple of totally unrelated apps like Stuffit Expander and Linotype Font Explorer. Luckily, I installed Leopard a few nights ago and I was able to restore a previous version with Time Machine (minus today's work). I'm stumped. Seems like there's nothing I can do at this point but try to remember what I wrote earlier today. Or maybe I'll just write in a character with computer problems. PPC Leopard Storyist 1.3.2 Thanks
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