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  1. That is great! I very much look forward to that! Best, Jasper
  2. Thanks for your reply Steve. Do you have plans to include comments in the RTF export in the future? I'm pretty sure that would be of great help to many academics. For me it would for sure, especially if RTF footnotes would import as comments in Storyist. It's a great app, the best writing experience on the iPad I've had so far, and I've tried many!
  3. Great and beautiful program! But I would really like to have the ability to create footnotes and export them in RTF, preferably also importing footnotes from RTF files. I currently write my dissertation in Scrivener. I was excited when I heard that Storyist does footnotes but I suspect the notes only export to footnotes to the Mac version. I cannot and will not export my whole dissertation to Storyist for Mac (which I do not own). I would just like to be able to edit RTFs including footnotes on my iPad.
  4. Yes, I too have this question. I had read that Storyist exports notes as footnotes. But I have tried that with RTF and it doesn't work. I expect that notes just export as footnotes to the Mac version, which I do not own. I'm a bit disappointed by that. I am desperately looking for a way to create footnotes on my iPad.
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