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  1. I can confirm this. In Outline view it is not possible to drag a section down between chapters in the way that Verxon describes. However, I did notice that it only happens when you try to drag the section down to the last chapter in the list. So, if you create 3 chapters and then drag that section down to the second chapter it will work. But if you try to drag it to the third chapter, it won't. Does that make sense? Creating another chapter below that is one workaround. The other is to move the sections around in index card view. Brian
  2. I second this. Highlighting text is essential. However, I am yet to find an iOS writing app that has this feature. iOS limitation?
  3. Hi Steve. Thanks for the quick response. Option-clicking does work as you said. Stupid me was not doing it from the top level. Sorry about that. I'm usually smarter than that!
  4. Hi, I am new to Storyist. Just bought the Mac version after being completely happy with the iPad version. Great job on both. I love them. One thing I would like to see is the ability to expand and collapse the sections in the Project view and in the Outline view. On the Mac, in the Finder, when you are in List view, you can Option-click the triangle next to the folder icon to expand and collapse all folders in the list. I would be great if Storyist could do this. I prefer to work with everything expanded. I expand the sections under My Manuscript and the next time I open the Storyist file, I need to do it again. Being able to Option-click the triangles would be very helpful. I hope I explained that correctly.
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