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  1. Hi there, I sent a support email in a couple of days ago and haven't heard back. Are the forums a better bet for support questions? Many thanks Lou
  2. If you are using Bare Bone's excellent Yojimbo product to manage your research and other documents that you need to refer back to while your writing, you'll love this. In Yojimbo, under the Edit Menu, choose "Copy Item Link" for the unique link to the highlighted item. In Storyist choose Insert a Web Link and paste the link from your clipboard. When you click on the link it will open the item in Yojimbo. Thanks -Lou
  3. Steve, I can't thank you enough for the ultra fast response. Lou
  4. Hi there, I am new to Storyist and I have a quick question. Is it advisable to duplicate the finished manuscript in the same project by Option-Clicking and then rename the copy "Kindle Export" - change the fonts and layout etc and use that for the Kindle edition. Or, should I duplicate the entire project? I like the thought of keeping everything together, but I defer to the wisdom of the forum folk who have more experience. Many thanks for your time, Lou
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