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  1. I am trying to tweak the exported HTML files from storyist, but I can't figure out what the id references are. If I tweak the main.css file, will the id references block those edits? Could someone explain the purpose and how the id's are functioning? Thanks, K. Langston
  2. Thank you again. I will check out all of these suggestions. Appreciate it. Kelly
  3. Thanks, Steve, but could I then revise the font size and type to match the body text, only italicized? When I tried this, the exported mobi file showed the copyright text on a new page, but the style matched the larger heading font and style. Does the Kindle pick up several different styles, or just Heading and default body text? Sorry, this is my first try at this. I very much appreciate the advice. Kelly
  4. Hello: I have created a new style called "Copyright" for the copyright page information. I have checked the box for "Paragraph starts on a new page." When I view this in Storyist, the text appears on a new page, but when I export it to a Mobi file and view it with the Kindle Previewer, all of the text appears on the same page as the preceding paragraph. How to I make certain that text appears on a new page? Is there a way for force a page break for Kindle formatting? Thanks! Settings for Copyright Style: View of Style from Storyist Program : Kindle Preview mobi Results:
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