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  1. Hi everyone I hoping you can all help me with some advice about using storyist and the Ipad. Family bought me an Ipad for my upcoming birthday, and something called a Zagg folio and keyboard. Having really not used Storyist on the Ipad though I do have it on there. I would like some advice on writing novels on the Ipad and also scripts. They say by having the zagg folio and keyboard it will make my ipad more like a mac air. I have drop box on my mac at home and also on my Ipad. As that seems the only way currently to save your work, unlike pages which i believe you can. some my questions. 1. Has anyone ever written a full novel on an Ipad 2. Do you find it easier using something like a zagg folio keyboard or would i be better off getting the apple blue tooth keyboard. 3. Are there any more templates either as an extra purchase, such as for stage plays and comics and graphic novels. thanks everyone
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