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  1. Thanks -- that cleared out the old names (and now I know about the trash). Now when I try the same action (add character development point, try to assign to a section), I'm not seeing the old section names anymore, but I'm getting just three options -- Unassigned, Untitled Scene, and Untitled Section -- so perhaps I have put the sections in the wrong place (they're under the correct chapters, which are under the name of the overall project). I'll continue to poke. I'm not sure it's the most useful feature, but if I write anything lengthy, it might be nice to tie a character to a specific point in the work.
  2. After completely over-analyzing Mac and iPad writing software, I finally settled on Storyist. I mostly like what I've seen so far. I dumped some existing text into a chapter, created a few sections, and it's worked fine. The section names seem to be the default ones used when I pasted my text into the existing sample text, things like "Start Writing!", etc. So in the left pane, I clicked on those sections and gave them new names. Perfect. However, when I play around with the character sheets and try to add a plot point, and tie it to a section, the section names I'm given are all the old default ones, with none of the new names. Perhaps there's a less-obvious way to rename sections (when I right-click on a section in the left pane, the names are correct). I'm not sure where Storyist pulls its list of section names - it seems to keep the original name no matter the change. Dave P.
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