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  1. First, I see no measurable difference between them, so that's definitely a failure to understand something on my part. In the tutorial, I'm given to believe I could make some changes to these sheets by modifying or adding "fields" and saving those changes for a template. But that can be done only under Section Details. I want to use some kind of sheet set to create an outline for how I think through the chapters. Synopsis of chapter, sure, and section details, which are editable so I can use mine to note time of day as well as the other default options. But no other portion of the sheet is editable, not even to change the name. For me, Synopsis, Section Details, and Section Notes would form the basis of a perfect chapter by chapter outline. Can I create a template including only these elements? Please advise or help, thank you.
  2. I just meant I didn't know you could go to section sheet preferences and ask it to show text or scenes or characters in the collection, instead. I guess only actual section sheets can be linked to chapter sections, though. I have read the manual, twice. And I do a lot of searches here. But I'm still trying to nail down what can and cannot be done with these things, especially now that I'm adding them in reverse. For some reason, it's taken me all this time to understand it'll still come out all right if I don't use everything with its default presentation.
  3. I appreciate your answer, Marguerite. Since I'd never just pasted (18k words of) a story in before (had dead Mac for awhile, had to use sadder means to write, long story,) I found myself confronting it sort of in reverse. And that got me to thinking whether I've just been doing it "wrong" all this time. I mean, missing out on something crucial just because I didn't understand how it works? This is because I feel like there are probably a number of things I'm not taking full advantage of. But when I read about it all here, I tend to feel like I'm reading Aramaic. ...weak joke... I will say this; I missed Storyist so much while I couldn't use it, I bought a corkboard and colored index cards, and made offline Storyist... and now I'm adding it all into the manuscript on the computer. Perhaps the section sheets will come in handy as I reoutline the second half of the story this week, because I just now learned I can edit the sections to hold a different type of contents? And then those would be linkable to chapter sections? I'd appreciate a link to more detailed discussion of that, if there is any.
  4. You might have to be very patient with me, because for such a clever person, I am truly terrible at understanding written directions, especially with terminology. I have a shell of a story I've pasted into Storyist. And as I've been adding hashtags to create sections within the chapters, I've learned that I can use the storyboard style in a split screen to add notes to the manuscript section titles, making it an even more "advanced" outline when I switch to that view. I've also got it set to automatically add section sheets for each section and added a few "notes" to them as well, so that if I look at that in outline view, I can have a similar outline side by side with the manuscript text. If I were starting wholly from scratch, I can see doing all these section sheets first. But actually, I'm very comfortable with setting up unwritten chapters, and labeling empty sections within them (in outline or storyboard view,) to go back to and write out. Adding a few key phrases to each of those in storyboard mode so I can see a detailed manuscript outline is a logical next step, for me. In that case, are the section sheets necessary for me at all? I don't like the text view of them, with plot points, antagonists, etc., as I'd prefer to just create plot points and characters in their separate areas, and reference the chapter number or section to them there. I don't link plot points to the section sheets because I've always used them only in the other views (I adore index cards,) in which plot points are not seen. I've had this software for four years, I think, yet still wish to bend it to my simple-minded will. The point is, it is entirely possible I haven't discovered a much more compelling use for section sheets (other than the fact that it's just fun they're linked to manuscript sections) and need to be guided in that respect. Otherwise, I kind of like just outlining using two different manuscript views. I have edited to add a screenshot.
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