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  1. Dear Marguerite, Thanks, I take your point. It's just that there's one particular section of the text which reads like a found and factual narrative where I want to put a couple of footnotes; for example, one character, Patrick, describes the circumstances of the death of his brother which took place 30 years ago (in 1804, at sea) when he (Patrick) was just a boy. Now he obviously wouldn't necessarily know the full facts of the event; so he describes them briefly but not quite accurately and the "editor" puts the more complete accurate version in a note. OK, well I like it as an idea anyway! It may disappear - and it may not. Best, Jamie.
  2. Hi Steve, I actually want the footnotes to appear in the finished text; I'm writing a semi-factual, historical account and I like the idea (deluded no doubt!) that footnotes will make it feel more factual, less fictional. Of course I realise I could get round that by inserting them as numbered notes at the end - but then I'd have to control the numbering myself which is a drag if one adds a note near the beginning and has to re-number all the ensuing ones. Best, Jamie.
  3. This is a feature of Jer's Novel Writer which makes the insertion point always stay in the centre of the screen, rather the way it works on a typewriter. It's nice, because you can always see a decent amount of what you've just written, at a glance and, if you happen to be writing in the middle of a passage, you can see what comes next as well. Best (that's really it for the moment), Jamie.
  4. Some of my research material is in the form of picture files of various sorts; it'd be nice to ba able to insert them into a page of the notebook. Come to that, I realise it could be a help to be able to do the same into the main text, if referring to a diagram, for instance. Apologies for deluge of messages (and typos) Jamie.
  5. Maybe I've missed this (I don't find the Help file to be all that comprehensive). It would be useful for me, although I'm writing a novel - and might be essential for someone writing a factual book. Best, Jamie.
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