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  1. I've hit a bump on using index cards... for starters, won't give me the option to print. I had to do a screenshot and then print. Second, they don't seem to move around very easily. Third, I couldn't figure out how to put them on the virtual "corkboard." It seems that I've seen other programs that work more intuitively w/ index cards. Any hints/tips for the newbie?
  2. Love the Storyist. Want to spend all my time there -- just me and my characters!

  3. Newbie here. Is my Storyist manuscript living "online" only -- or on my desktop?
  4. New to Storyist. Confused about my manuscript... does it live on the Storyist "cloud" or on my computer?

  5. Hey, I'm new to Storyist and just saw your question about a book editor. I'm one of those -- from ghostwriting and developmental editing to fact-checking and copyediting -- I work with fiction and nonfiction authors. Be honest with yourself and consider how much you'll need from an editor. Many writers, especially new ones, require a lot more than polishing. Send thirty pages and ask potential book editors to give you their opinion re: what level of editing your story needs. Also, be sure to ask them if they work with The Chicago Manual of Style, the bible of publishing guidelines (very important!). Remember too: not all editors are created equal. Like many professions, it's often a mix of science (technical training) and art (creative instinct). Congratulations!
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