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  1. Thanks Thoth, just trying to piece together all those old paper notes I have scattered all over, so papier-mâché is more appropriate than you know Also working on getting all those into Storyist, it's always a work in progress.
  2. thank you marguerite. I spend more time reading than writing usually, but I find writing to be a release, and I think I've learned enough to start sharing. It's been awhile since I had more than a few minuets to write so I'm looking forward to what comes out of my pen/keyboard
  3. New to Storyist and excited about the prospects. I'm also newly unemployed so will have some time on my hands to begin wondering the world of writing. I've had quite a life and have done some self study and look forward to sharing my experiences. Just a quick look around the forum has shown me an open community with a good sense of humour, although irl I tend towards introvert I do enjoy reading humorous posts.
  4. Newbie to app and forum, hoping this is going to be the inspiration I'm looking for to get my thoughts on paper.

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