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  1. Has anyone used DenVog's Index Card (for iPhone or for iPad)? I've heard that Index Card projects can be imported into Scrivener, and I wondered whether or not the same is true of storyist. I have no knowledge of the file formats involved. Just curious. -- Candace
  2. The only problem with that is that I then have two different versions of the manuscript. Publisher wants changes, I make them on writing version and have to re-duplicate, change style sheet again, etc., for every iteration. Sooner or later, I forget and make changes on the publisher version. Then I have to work backwards — ah, but it can get complicated. —Candace
  3. I am fairly new to Storyist, although not to writing. I am somewhat visually impaired, and I often want to work with text that is much larger than anything that an editor or publisher would wish to see. I understand that Courier 12-point is the preferred font/size choice for submitting a manuscript, but it is not a viable choice for me to use while writing. So, is there a way for me to see the manuscript my way but export it in a standard Courier-12-point style? Or do I have to reformat it back and forth? If the latter is the case, could I please put in a feature request regarding this? The text should be separate from its on-screen presentation to the author. I ought to be able to write my book in, say, 48-point Georgia, and not have to worry that I might slip up and send it out to my publisher that way. -- Candace
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to explain that. I now see the background difference (gray vs. cork board). So cork boards are for working with similar items, but collages allow one to combine disparate items. Very helpful. Thank you!
  5. "The help file/manual has a section "About Storyboards," which defines collages, corkboards, and the differences between them. You can find it by typing storyboard or collage into the search field under Help." This statement is not true. I've read the manual and help file and the term collage is used without any definition or any indication of how the heck one creates one. I still do not get how it is similar to/different from the Storyboard view. And then people talk about corkboards. It's all very confusing to the newbie.
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